Making a life at a time.
Letter shared with permission from client:

Dear Tracy,
Thank you so much for the excellent care and support you have provided me over the past few months. I wanted to be sure to send you this quick update and thanks. I am moving to NYC tomorrow to pursue my graphic design degree, and I couldn't be more thrilled! Your encouragement and counseling were incredibly helpful to the decision-making process. I can't believe how much my mindset has changed since last September. I am thankful to have this opportunity and also thankful to have had you and your expertise during such a strange life transition. I wish you all the best! God's blessings to you and your family!
What will you say on Father's Day?
Dr. Rick Armstrong, Executive Director
It seems the days we remember and celebrate our parents are filled with mixed feelings and ideas. For some, it is a sad time because their parents are no longer present for one reason or another - or maybe they never have been. For others, it's a time to give and say and write or just be present to express what they feel about this person and parent in their lives.

The video that follows gives us ideas what we might say to our dads and what impact those words may have. 
I am grateful for my father who is 91 years old, grateful in so many ways. I am grateful for the fact that in the past years we have been able to have more open and honest conversations -- and I will be saying and writing that to him again as we reflect on Father's Day.

Parents are foundational people in our lives - in one way or another- and it seems they are the springboard to the lives that God has in mind for us. But our paths really belong to us as we move into our 20's and beyond. To be able to speak of what we were given, how we love and the ways we are grateful can be very important for both our parents and us on this journey of life. 
Stronger...than bullying.
Anne Lube, 5th Grade, Trinity Lutheran School Downtown 
Winner of the #IAMSTRONGER Art Contest 
Through the #IAMSTRONGER initiative, LCS launched a conversation about bullying with students in grades 5-8 at seven Orlando area schools. #IAMSTRONGER is designed to help educate students, parents and school staff about the impact of bullying and its effect on children's self-esteem and self-worth. The purpose of the initiative: promote kindness and mindfulness by teaching students and staff how to press the pause button before reacting with hurtful words or actions and to provide tips for coping with bullying when it does occur.

Nationally, 20.8% of students aged 12-18 have experienced bullying,* and approximately 30% admit to bullying others in school. ** In a survey of the Orlando students who participated in #IAMSTRONGER:
  • 44% have been bullied
  • 36% admit to bullying others
  • 55% worry about bullying
  • 20% worry about bullying often or daily
  • 61% said they were comfortable telling an adult about bullying
#IAMSTRONGER included an art contest that challenged students to send a message of support that will motivate those who see it to pause before reacting. The winning entries are pictured here.   
  *National Center for Education Statistics
**From American Society for the Positive Care of Children*
Amanda, St. Luke's Lutheran School
Isabella, St. Luke's Lutheran School
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