Fall 2019
Residential students help with Annual Strengthening Families Fundraising Breakfast.
(R-L) Noah, Tyler, Tyler H., Timothy
In This Issue:

  • Students learn cooking skills for the future

  • Noah overcomes his fears

  • Ian finds motivation for school
"Lost Love"
Written and Performed by Timothy and Tyler
Recipe for Success
Students learn cooking skills for the future
Life has many challenges, but eating shouldn’t be one of them. Some students said there was a time when they didn’t know what their next meal would be, or if they would even get one. Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation’s Youth Action Committee, our students had a chance to learn valuable cooking skills to prepare for the future.

Over the course of two weeks, students participated in cooking classes with former Highfields’ employee and cooking instructor, Belle Black. 
Timothy cooking mini omelets
Fighting Fate
Noah overcomes his fears
What if you could change your fate? Rather than following the wrong direction, you were given a chance to change for the better. For Noah, he was on a path of crime and violence, until Highfields helped him find a new road.

At only 14 years old, Noah used fighting as a way to protect himself from others. He embraced the walls he built out of fear, using fighting as a way to stay safe both physically and mentally. Noah became a negative influence on his brothers and sisters as he kept falling down a violent path.
Be Who You Are
Ian finds motivation for school
At 15 years old, Ian was failing out of school due to missing over 116 days. He felt going to school was a waste of time, and had better things to do, like playing video games.

Ian always fought against the rules, which caused problems with his family and friends. He suffers from anxiety and it triggered him to resort to drugs, which lead him down the wrong path.

Over the years, Ian was put into local programs in order to help guide and motivate him to make better decisions. After the courts realized he needed more structure, Ian was briefly placed into a juvenile detention center before being referred to Highfields.
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