December 12, 2015
Students for One Health Logo
Students for One Health is pleased to announce that we have a new logo! 

The logo was created by Emily Andersen of Tufts University (North Grafton, MA, USA) and was the clear favorite of students worldwide. Congrats Emily! 

About Emily: 


Emily  is a third year student at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University where she quickly became passionate about One Health. She has assisted with various One Health projects at the Cummings School, including helping coordinate last year's One Health Day and most recently assisting with a university-wide problem based learning collaborative.

Particularly passionate about the environment,  Emily  has also been supported to expand upon various sustainability initiatives on campus. Growing up in Connecticut, she was immensely influenced by her artistic family, particularly her exceptional cartoonist/painter/author grandfather who lived his life in a pursuit of an unnamed "One Health". She has since been fortunate to be able to explore and learn in various places around the world and hopes to continue to travel professionally. 

Emily  is honored to contribute her Students for One Health logo as another symbol the role the arts play in the interdisciplinary work of One Health.  Emily would like to thank her brother for helping her with the editing of this logo.

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