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Since 2017 Ohio Value Voters has been facilitating the Protect Ohio Children Coalition under the leadership of the National Protect Child Health Coalition

In June last year we released our 200 page reports of evidence that Comprehensive Sex Education is in Ohio Schools.  The foundation of our work is based on the 15 Harmful Elements  that " no rmalizes child sex or desensitizes children to sexual things. May give examples of children having sex or imply many of their peers are sexually active. May glamorize sex, use graphic materials, teach explicit sexual vocabulary, or encourage discussion of sexual experiences, attractions, fantasies or desires."
Number 10 of the harmful elements promotes the transgender ideology.

Recent events in our country and in Ohio have raised serious concerns about where the radical ideologies are coming from that would cause youth and adults to demand the abolition of our police and safety forces.  If you review page 48 of our Public Records evidence report you will find one example of where the ideology is coming from; the National Trans Youth Council Nine Point Platform that calls for the abolition of the police, ICE, borders and the judicial system.  This information is being taught in Ohio schools.  (This radical platform was taken directly from the GSA Network website last year - accessed through the Kaleidoscope website through Syntero's website (an organization in Central Ohio that teaches various classes, including Comprehensive Sex Education, in Ohio schools).  

It is past time for the Ohio General Assembly to take immediate action to amend Ohio law to remove these harmful elements that have NOTHING to do with education from our Ohio schools.  It is time to give parents and taxpayers transparency about what is being taught.

Call your Senators and State Representatives and demand that Comprehensive Sex Education be removed from all curriculum and learning programs in Ohio.

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