October 2022
In-person Initiatives in Full Swing
Teacher demand for in-person events is at an all-time high! Our staff is busy inspiring personal connections with students and agriculture around the province!
AITC Stories Around the Province
Students have 'best day ever' with AITC
Students returned to SEVEN in-person Food Farms around the province this fall to harvest the crops they planted in the Spring and visit stations with hands-on activities. Agriculture topics included pigs, farm safety, beef cattle, equipment and more!
"This was the most transformational excursion I have had the pleasure to go on."
AITC-SK hosted TWO Agriculture Expeditions. The action-packed, multi-day, hands-on tour that brought teachers from around the province together to connect with industry members and farmers.

Both tours offered teachers the opportunity to personally interact with farmers and industry members at their farms and agri-businesses who discussed and demonstrated their role in producing safe, healthy, and affordable food for our province and the world.

THANK YOU to the many partners and tour hosts that helped make these tours possible! Inspiring this group of teachers will impact students for years to come!
Saskatchewan Harvest Storybook
Harvest time is brought to life in a new Saskatchewan harvest storybook launched by AITC-SK. A Harvest Story walks students through a day in the life of a farmer at harvest time, providing a glimpse into the family farm and the beauty of reaping what is sown as farmers work to feed the world.
There is More Work to do.
The AITC-SK team is busy delivering agricultural learning experiences to students around the province, but there is still more work to do. YOU can make a difference. Your gift will help get another resource into a classroom of curious students. Your gift will help expand our programs to provide more students with a hands-on agricultural learning experience. Your gift will inspire students to care about food.
Your contribution matters. Donate today!
Education today is the economy of tomorrow! Young people need to know that whatever their passion or interest is, agriculture is a place that they can thrive. Help us educate your future workforce by joining us for Canada Career Month in November. Here’s how:
1. Take a photo of yourself and share what your job is
2. Post it on your social channels with #IAmAgriculture
3. Highlight the diversity of jobs in your company by asking everyone in your company to do the same throughout the month.
We will amplify to highlight the diversity of careers in ag!