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Goodbye Legacy L4X Controllers…Hello Faster, More Flexible Ethernet Controllers
Believe it or not it has been 18 years since the launch of the CompactLogix; which brought the capabilities of the RSLogix 5000 software to a mid-range platform for the first time. 

Since it’s launch in 2001, many advances have taken place - two generations of hardware have come and gone, and it is now time to say farewell to the last available controllers of that era. 

Studio 5000 Frequently Asked Questions
Our inside technical support team fields customer questions all day long. We asked them to come up with a top five questions and answers and here's what they came up with...
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GracePort March Madness
It's a deal so crazy that it has to be during March Madness. During the month of March, if you submit your contact information on the GracePort site, Grace Engineered Products will waive the fee for adding your company logo to the face of all your future customized GracePorts FOR LIFE.

Note: This applies to NEW logo submissions during the month of March only!

The Power of Space by Eaton Bussmann
The revolutionary next generation BussmannTM series Compact Circuit Protector (cat. no. CCP2) for UL® Class CC, UL supplemental and IEC® 10x38 mm fuses delivers the smallest footprint compared to any Class CC disconnect solution —requiring up to 38% less space.

The CCP is a fused disconnect that packs up to a 200 kA shortcircuit current rating (SCCR) to help increase equipment SCCR. These high ratings and compact design make the CCP ideal for industrial control panels, machinery and HVAC applications.
Our Latest LED Lighting Guide is Now Available!
Revere is excited to announce the launch of our updated LED Lighting Guide. This guide is full of lamps, ballasts and fixtures that are easily accessible from any of our locations.

Our vast inventory, coupled with our lighting teams 20+ years of experience, means that your next lighting project is in very capable hands. Download our guide and contact your Revere account manager for any guidance you may need.

Revere YouTube Tutorials
Offline setup of a Kinetix Drive in Studio 5000
Using Load Observer and Tracking Notch Filter to Speed Up the Servo Axis Tuning Process
Panel Building Seminar Featuring UL508A and
Short-Circuit Current Rating Training
Join Revere and Rockwell Automation at the monumental clock tower on April 9th-10th for a two-day informational seminar. Choose one day or two, the choice is up to you.

Day One: Learn how to construct industrial control panels in accordance with UL508A.

Day Two: Learn how to establish short-circuit current rantings (SCCR ) or individual control panels in accordance with UL 508A &
Supplement SB.
Upcoming Training Courses
Upcoming Rockwell Automation Webinars
A Day in the Life of a Production Order in a Digital Plant
March 21, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Safety Enterprise Strategy Series Part 3: Incorporating Machine Safety at an Enterprise Scale
April 9, 2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm