Account Balances, Plank Challenge, Christmas Party, Candlelit Class and more!
August is here!

Phew!! Beautiful summer but incredibly hot, sunny weather. Happy to see so many of you make it to the studio regularly to keep up with your practice and your fitness goals. We know it can be difficult at this time of year with so many fun activities to do outside.

Take note that our " Summer Schedule" is still in effect until the end of August. Please also note, that the  3:30 Hot HIIT class on Friday August 3rd is cancelled  as all of our Hot HIIT teachers are away on that particular day. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Account Balances

Like us, we realize that you may not always bring your wallet to the studio, so as a courtesy, we allow you to make purchases on account.

About twice a year, we also like to make sure that your account with us is cleared up. This is a friendly reminder......that if you do have a balance owing on your account, if you could kindly come in and pay it off this month, that would be greatly appreciated! 

If you don't....we will be forced to take action by removing the fans and cranking up the heat (we are so funny).  

 Plank Challenge

Yes!!!! All you BYCV Barre Babes (and Boys!) and Hot HITTers, take a photo of yourself doing plank in an interesting and imaginative place and tag our studio! Yogis...join in on the fun and show the others just how a plank should be done!

Barre/Hot HIIT: Plank = Full Plank or Forearm Plank (Side Plank too if you want!)

Yoga: Plank = Chaturanga Dandasana

Christmas Potluck Party

Mark your calendar!

Our ever so popular Christmas Potluck Party, will be rocking on the evening of Saturday November 24th. 

We like to have it early as we know how busy December can be, with family and work Christmas parties and as we want as many of you as possible to be there, we like to give lots of advanced notice!

Further details will follow in future newsletters.

Ho Ho Ho!
Silent Candlelit Class

Join Tash on Sunday August 12th at 9:30am for a beautiful (yet challenging!) Silent Candlelit Class.

We recommend having at least 10 classes under your belt to participate in this class.
Thanks Alice!

Alice to the rescue! 

Some of you may know Alice (one of our long time students) from the studio. She's a regular in our Bikram Yoga classes.

Our only remaining succulent was on it's last legs (plants need sunlight...who knew?!) and she jumped into action, kidnapping/rescuing it and taking it home with her.

As a result, it's thriving and is almost unrecognizable!

Good on ya Alice!
Suggestion Box

Use a soap without microbeads?

Microbeads are solid plastic particles less than 1mm in diameter that are found in exfoliating body washes and facial scrubs. They are horrendously bad for the environment and most products containing microbeads were banned in Canada this year. Microbeads will be banned in all products as of July 1st 2019.

Our soap/body wash contains MOISTURE beads, which are little bubbles of moisturizer that "pop" when rubbed on your skin (releasing the moisturizer). Moisture beads also dissolve when they come in contact with water.

Thank you for your concern!

Ice packs?
Yuppers....great for keeping your beer cold but not something we'll be carrying at the studio. You could always use a mexipop or two instead!

A non-Hot HIIT class?
Well....never say never....but for now, we will be sticking with the HOT classes.

See you at the studio!