Fall Schedule Changes, Bi-Annual Membership Sale, 30 Day Couch Potato Challenge, Annual Christmas Potluck Party and more....
September Is Here!

With the summer season ending soon along with the associated change in seasons, September brings changes in the studio as well. Get your pen and calendar out...or your device as the case may be...and take note of the following....

Our Summer Schedule changes back to our (modified) Fall Schedule, we have our Bi-Annual Membership Sale coming up and a 30 day "Couch Potato Challenge!" starting mid-month.

See You At The Studio!
Fall Schedule Changes

Yes!!!! Get excited because we have added back ALL the classes that you may have been missing during the summer months AND it gets even better! We have added a Barre BURN! class (by popular request) on Friday mornings at 8:00am for you early birds. The 11:00am spot on Saturday mornings will revert back to a regular BYCV Barre class. 

We have a full schedule of 90 minute Bikram Yoga, 60 minute BYX (Bikram Yoga Xpress), BYCV Barre, Barre BURN! and Hot HIIT classes.

Something For Everyone!
Bi-Annual Membership Sale

Yes it's that time again! Our best deal of the year will be arriving shortly with t hree amazing, annual membership options for you:

Option one: One Year Unlimited membership for Bikram Yoga only . Both regular Bikram Yoga and BYX....only $899.00+tax.

Option two: One Year Unlimited membership for  BYCV Barre, Barre BURN!  and Hot HIIT....only $899.00+tax.

Option three:  One Year Unlimited, All Inclusive  membership for Bikram Yoga, BYX, BYCV Barre, Barre BURN! and Hot HIIT ....only $999.00+tax. 

With either of these three amazing deals, you also receive 10 free class passes for friends and family AND 10 percent off retail*

Purchase in-studio or purchase online, whichever is most convenient for you and set yourself up for a fit and fabulous year ahead!

SALE starts Saturday September 29th and ends Friday October 12th

* this awesome discount doesn't apply to food or beverages

- No potatoes were hurt in the making of this newsletter -
30 Day Couch Potato Challenge!

You have all been asking...YUP...and now it's here!  We know!  Our "Couch Potato Challenge!"  Now we KNOW that you haven't been sitting around this summer holiday, but with the company gone and the kids back to school, it's time to spend some time on you. Looking after yourself and making YOU a priority.

So here is your opportunity.  You have the support of a huge community of (dare I say) the most embracing, supportive community of teachers and students around. Don't put it off. Make the commitment to yourself, your health and just GO FOR IT!   

30 consecutive days of classes (Bikram Yoga, BYX (Bikram Yoga Xpress) BYCV Barre, Barre BURN! and Hot HIIT) for only $20.00+tax for members and $99.00+tax for non-members...woot woot! Buy in-studio or online:

(be sure to sign into Mindbody Online account first)

The challenge begins on  September 16th and concludes on October 15th.  OOOOOH....there might be a list of a few extra challenges for you to complete....but those are locked in our vault for now!

Lets do this!

Christmas Potluck Party

Yes....Christmas DOES come early at the Studio!  

This year, the Annual Studio Christmas Potluck Party, will be on the evening of 
Sa turday November 24th.

So much fun and so many laughs! Mark your calendar and don't miss out on this event. Photo booth, chocolate fountain, amazing food and great company. What more could you ask for?!

Ho Ho Ho!

Suggestion Box

1.  Barre Saturday at 5:30pm and Barre Burn Friday at 3:30

Well....we love you...but not at this moment.  We just added a Barre BURN! class at 8:30am on Friday as per your request. Let's see how that goes first.  

2.  Barre Friday.  Can you please do a normal Barre at 8am so if we want to do a double we are NOT doing Hot Barre then Hot Yoga?

G reat idea...but the issue is that it takes a few hours to heat the studio to that perfect 105ºF/40% humidity climate for the Bikram Yoga/BYX/Barre BURN! classes. We can't keep it cool for 8:00am and then have it hot in time for a hot class at 9:30am (YET...we are actively researching technology that will allow us to achieve this...stay tuned for future updates). Such are the dilemmas of a hot studio.