Studio Update - April 28, 2020
In the last few days, California’s Governor presented additional information about the 4 th phase of Governor Newsom's Corona virus’ plan for California. He outlined six things that need to be addressed before fully opening the state and all its businesses. The fifth item on his list, the one most applicable to businesses, was “The ability to promote social distancing in public places”. 

The current date to reopen California's businesses is still May 15th, but we continue to evolve our performance plans. We are committed to providing an opportunity for our students to showcase their love of dance and their progress during this season while balancing our commitment to the health and safety of our community. 

To promote social distancing, RDC is offering two year-end performance opportunities for our existing students.
We have been reviewing all recital classes and developing a plan that will allow our students to perform their recital pieces with a small audience. We have scheduled two weeks of 30 minute recitals to help prevent large gatherings. Each day will have between 5 and 7 shows in Studio E at RDC East. Audience members will be limited to 2 per dancer and will be asked to leave the studio at the end of each routine. We have marked the dance floors and will arrange seating to maintain the 6 foot social distancing requirements. We also recommend that all audience members wear a mask and dancers are welcome to wear a mask while performing. All RDC staff will be wearing masks and gloves. We will be asking for limited contact with our staff for the protection of our entire community.

In each teacher's band, under notices, there is a organized spreadsheet of the time and date of your dancer's physical performance.
Students and/or families who are uncomfortable with performing with other students or being in a physical audience can perform their routine with their class from the comfort of their own homes! RDC's Virtual Year End Performance will happen by Zoom.

When Will The VIrtual Performances Happen - June 8 to June 12?  Each individual class will perform their routine during their regular class time. All classes scheduled during the same day and time will perform on the same Zoom link - it could be to 8 classes will perform during each Zoom link. Example – If your child has class with Miss Julie Kay on Mondays at 3:30, your child will perform on Monday, June 8 th at 3:30pm – the total zoom will last up to 45 minutes for all classes to perform. You may leave the Zoom after your child performs.

What do I wear? Your dancer can perform in their recital costume (after picking it up from RDC) OR anything the dancer would like to wear. Dancers should wear the style of dance shoes listed on the information sheet in their teacher’s band, any color will do. Hair should be in the style requested by the teacher in the information sheet. Make up is not required.
Where will my child be dancing to participate?  Your child can do their recital performance anywhere in your house, garage, yard etc. where your internet connection will allow them to be on a Zoom conference call. 

Can I invite Family and Friends to Join the Zoom Performance? Yes!  We have arranged to allow up to 500 participants on each Zoom call BUT anyone who wants to be a part of the Zoom performance must be on the zoom by the specific start time (Example – 3:30pm Pacific Time) – WE CANNOT ALLOW ANY LATE ARRIVALS OR IT WILL SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE ZOOM CONFERENCE CALL.

Can I film my child during the Zoom Performance? Of course! You can film your child from your home at any time, any angle with any device. If you want to film them, we suggest that you NOT film the screen – it will have a bunch of families and your dancer will be very small.

Should I take a photo on my Zoom Performance Day in costume? Of course! We would love you to post it on social media and tag RDC.

Can I participate in both the Zoom and In Person Year End Performance? Of course!
How do I get the information for the Zoom Performance?  RDC will email the specific log in information about your dancer’s performance the week of June 1 st.  . It will be emailed to your RDC Account email address. The email will come from  Remember, if your dancer takes more than ONE class, each hour of each day will have different log in information for their performance. Example – Miss Julie Kay Monday 3:30 class will have its own Meeting ID and password AND Miss Liz’s Wednesday 3:30 class will have a different Meeting ID and password.

Limitations on a Zoom Performance – Please note the following limitations on using a zoom conference performance. 
1. All participants must be muted or the audio will have too much feedback for ANYONE to hear ANYTHING.  We can only have the Host of the call with audio so that the dancers can hear the music. Please make sure that any invited guests know to mute upon arrival.
2. If there are problems with anyone’s internet connection, it may impact all participants on the Zoom performance.  Some problems we have encountered - video freezing or having slowdowns, audio problems – no sound or garbled sound, screen blackouts.
3. Participants being late to video conferences – once the conference call begins, we can’t admit latecomers or it will disrupt the performance.
4. We can’t redo specific class performances once they begin. We have to stick to the 45 minute timeframe or the next group of performances will be delayed.
If you have cancelled your dancer's class for May 2020 because you were concerned about the requirement of a live performance AND you would like to reconsider and participate in the Virtual Year End Performance, please email us at the following link before 5pm on April 30th so we can get you re-signed up for May 2020.

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