Dear Dancers and Parents,

It has been one of those crazy weeks in New England! While confined to our homes, we have had rain, snow and not very much sunshine!! We are all hoping that this breaks to warmer weather and all of the beauty of spring in the next few weeks. We are continuing to follow the most updated information about the Pandemic and the "Invisible Enemy". Although there is no timeline for the immediate future, we will continue to move forward with the best possible plan for the studios and we are committed to continuing to keep our dancers moving.

RECITAL 2020 POSTPONED (NOT CANCELLED): We made the decision to postpone our annual spring recital to late November or early December 2020. We are working to reschedule the date with the school auditoriums and will make an announcement once we have a date. We will still be doing TROLLS (Sturbridge) and SUESSICAL (Boston & Medfield). We are all VERY excited about these shows and cannot wait to perform them for you - as soon as it is safe for everyone.


We are busy working on a way to honor our 2020 graduating seniors and to give them all of the recognition, support and love that they deserve. We will let you all know how and what we are planning on doing to showcase these beautiful dancers and to honor them the best way we can. Many of you have asked, so we just want to let you know that there are some exciting plans in the works! We will keep you all posted!


We will continue with our online schedule and Zoom classes until this dance season ends on June 28th. We are in the process of planning a virtual showcase for our spring classes. All classes will begin choreography for this showcase by the first week of May. We will also be adding a separate choreography time to the schedule for the Intensive Students. All Tiny Tots, Level Classes and Children's Program classes will be doing choreography during class time. Attendance is as important as it would be if you were physically at the studio for dance class!

Private Lessons: Personal One-on-One Instruction

Starting in May, we are offering private lessons for dancers who are interested in or in need of one-on-one feedback from an instructor. Private lessons will be done virtually until the day comes when we are able to meet privately at the studio with dancers. Private lessons will be one half hour in length. The cost is $25 for one lesson per month or $75 for one lesson per week (so that means if you buy three, you get one FREE). This private lesson time can be scheduled directly with the instructor. This is a perfect opportunity for any dancer who might be having trouble with the online Zoom platform. If you are interested, please send us an email.

Summer 2020 - Take Us With You To The Beach or Mountains!

We will announce our 6-week summer session and begin enrollment by May 15th. We are aware that many summer camps and programs have made the announcement that they are cancelled or closed. We want you to know that we will be holding an online summer schedule. Dancers can register for individual classes or an open class schedule. We plan to create a schedule similar to the spring schedule we are currently running, but with some additions and time adjustments to accommodate summer schedules. For dancers who may be going to summer homes or vacation rentals, this is a way for you to continue with your dance training! When we can move safely and comfortably back into the studio, we plan to hold small classes at the studio while also keeping them on Zoom for dancers to participate remotely. If you have suggestions or requests, let us know!! We want to hear from you.


THIS WEEK'S PASSWORD: The password for April 20th-26th will be sent in a separate email. Please remember that the password will change each week.

SCHEDULE: For security reasons, the link to the schedule will be in another email with the password every week. Please check the schedule each week for updated Zoom links, codes and passwords. We do TRY to make the schedule, codes and links consistent each week.

CAMERA "ON" REMINDER: Please make sure all dancers have their camera on while in class. This is so that we can make sure the dancers are taking class, the teacher can offer personalized corrections, and so that we can see who is watching. If your camera is not working or you have other issues, please send us an email.

DRESSCODE: We do prefer for dancers to be in their regular studio dress code. Please have dancers wear a leotard for class. Shorts and/or black leggings are okay, but we are finding that the sweatshirts, t-shirts and baggy clothing is distracting and makes it difficult to correct posture and position. Hair should also be up neatly and away from the face. Dress code is not required for any of the classes for EVERYONE or HIP HOP.

APRIL SCHOOL VACATION: We will be holding our regular schedule of online classes this week during "April Vacation".

BALLET TERMINOLOGY AND ACTIVITIES: We have created a Google folder for all dancers, young and older, with ballet terminology, coloring pages and other activities. The dancers can use these as additional dance education tools. They are all fun and educational and will help them with their ballet (and other) techniques. We will continue to add to this keep checking it for additions. A link to the folder will be sent with this week's password and schedule.

Email Help and Support Regarding Online Classes

If you need help with a class or support with Zoom, please email .

*Other topics and questions, email your studio location directly.



Mass Motion Dance Directors, Faculty and Staff