April 5, 2020

Dear Dancers and Parents,

It's been a great week of dance! We successfully launched our online classes with Zoom and had most (almost all!) of our students take class. There were a few bumps and glitches, but we've managed to figure them out and we are confident that this coming week will go smoothly. Again, we really appreciate your support (and patience) and are grateful for all of the wonderful emails we have received. We are very happy to be able to offer dance classes to our students while they are at home. The beauty of dance both as an artform and means of expression, as well as the physical benefits, has really shined through.

Additional Class Offerings and Schedule Changes

We have made some adjustments and additions to the schedule. We have heard very positive feedback about the classes for EVERYONE and we've loved seeing some of the parents and siblings enjoying class! We are adding an 80s & 90s Jazzercise Workout for EVERYONE class on Monday evenings. Miss Alexis and Miss Heather will be teaching the class on alternating weeks. We encourage participants to wear something 80s/90s inspired (a headband, legwarmers, fluorescent clothes, etc. Feel free to get creative!) but it's not required. Let us know if you have any other requests!

Some class times and levels have changed slightly. Please look over this week's schedule and note that ALL class ID numbers are NEW This week.

Added Security on ZOOM!

PASSWORD: We have changed this week's passcode and current students will receive that password in a separate email today. It is also listed on the schedule.

WAITING ROOM: We have added a "waiting room" into all classes so that the instructor has to admit each student into the class. PLEASE BE PATIENT. We will let you in as soon as we see you and the class is ready to start. During class, we will continue to let students in from the waiting room, but sometimes you will have to wait a few minutes while the teacher is doing class. We can not guarantee that you will be let in if it is more than 15 minutes into the class. In addition to the instructor we have assigned an administrator to assist in each class with the waiting room, the chat function and questions. You may see this teacher/staff in the class with thier camera function off.

CAMERA "ON": Please make sure all dancers have thier camera on. This is so that we can make sure the dancers are taking class, the teacher can offer personalized corrections, and so that we can see who is watching. If your camera is not working or you have other issues, please send us an email.

Email Help and Support Regarding Online Classes

If you need help with a class or support with Zoom, please email massmotion@gmail.com.

*Other topics and questions, email your studio location directly.

STURBRIDGE: massmotionsturbridge@gmail.com
BOSTON: massmotionboston@gmail.com
MEDFIELD: massmotionmedfield@gmail.com

´╗┐Mass Motion Dance Virtual Studio:
Class Schedule April 6th - 12th
The link to the google drive document has been updated, if you have that link, you can use it. We will email the schedule and password to current students. Please check your email.


Mass Motion Dance Directors, Faculty and Staff