Global Health Update: Studio Closure
A Message from Sarah
Hello to our beautiful Here Yoga community. Thank you for your ongoing support in this time of uncertainty. If there is already a silver lining in this challenging time, it is experiencing the beautiful sense of connection, support, and love that defines our community.

We planned to stay open as long as possible to offer this vital practice, but with the new government restrictions to close non-essential business, we are closing our doors; see below for details.  Please take care of yourself through meditation & yoga at home during the coming weeks. I have found a sense of comfort and peace in my meditation practice & I encourage you to do the same.  Take deep breaths, do what you can, and take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

We're loving connecting with you all in our online member's group and look forward to more opportunities to support our community virtually in the upcoming months. We are committed to sharing this  invaluable  practice and will be in touch with more ideas and offerings as soon as we can.

Again, I believe that while the uncertainty of what will unfold is unsettling, the yoga practice has given us tools to navigate this life with more ease, especially in times of uncertainty. My hope is that this practice has offered all of us ways to stay grounded, connected, and open through times of difficulty and the unknown. Above all, I hope we are each living with more awareness, consciousness, and kindness.  We are all in this together, and I believe that the key to getting through anything is through the collective support and love that we all share. We look forward to being (Here) for you during and after this uncertain time. 

With love, 

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What You Need to Know
Closure Date | Memberships & Class Packs

After the new government restrictions, (Here) Yoga will temporarily shut our doors from 12pm this Monday the 24th of March.  We will reopen our doors when restrictions are lifted, and thanks to government initiatives, we trust that we'll be open again as soon as possible. Here's what's happening in the meantime:

Students with Introductory Offers & Class Packs:
  • All expiry dates will be extended by the length of the closure period upon studio reopening, and we will be in touch via email before that time.
Students with a Membership can choose:
  • Continue to support the studio by keeping your membership active, and get access to all online content on the Facebook group, and our upcoming subscription platform. Your contributions will go toward any rent or rates for the studio and to our teachers, who aim to continue to offer yoga online to our community ongoing. You are welcome to change your decision at any time, and we are forever grateful to you either way.
  • Memberships can be suspended until the studio reopens, or cancelled effective immediately. Remaining portions of prepaid memberships' expiry dates will be extended by the length of the closure period upon studio reopening, and we will be in touch via email before that time. We will be in contact with each member before reactivating memberships, at which point you can choose what you'd like to do. 
  • Please reply to this email with your request. 
I understand that this is an uncertain time for everyone, and I promise to offer this practice in any way possible to as many of you as we can. If you are able to keep contributing financially, we are forever grateful, and if you are not, we understand completely. Regrettably, we are unable to offer any refunds and we appreciate your understanding. 

Online Options: Livestream Classes
Via Here Yoga Members Facebook Group

We are offering our members a chance to practice our studio classes from anywhere, so you can Be More (Here), wherever you are. We are posting classes each day in a private Facebook group for you to join in from home or watch at a convenient time, anytime. 

We are working on an alternative high-quality online yoga video platform with a subscription option, and will give you details as soon as possible. We hope that by offering you a chance to practice from anywhere that you can still enjoy the  physical and mental benefits  of the practice.

All active studio members can request to join via the link below. You can practice the classes with your favourite teachers from wherever you are, anytime that suits your schedule. 

If you would like access to the group and are not already an unlimited member, you can get free access by purchasing a special 5-class pack (with no expiry) to use once we reopen, and access to online classes via:

Or join in FREE tonight at 6:30pm with Nicky for a Level 2 Vinyasa practice: on or

Stay Well (Here) & Everywhere
Practices for Your Wellbeing

During this global health crisis, we highly recommend taking care of your physical & mental health. This epidemic effects our communities beyond the physical. Here are some great ways you can stay connected, centred & healthy in this uncertain time. 

Physical Health:  
  • Wash & Sanitise Your Hands
  • Sanitise All High-Touch Surfaces in Your Home Daily
  • Stay Active: Take a walk, stretch, or do a youtube workout video
  • Eat Real Food: Vegetables, proteins & healthy fats. Stocking your freezer? Make some healthy soups to warm you up in the cooler months to come.
Mental Health:
  • Yoga: Do a little cat-cow stretch or a sun salute, or join an online class. Yoga philosophies of presence and connection do wonders for your mind.
    Join Sarah for a free livestream Yin class each week, check for details.
  • Meditate: Working from home? Perfect time to invest in your mindset. Meditation is the essential practice to find ease in times of uncertainty and with as little as 5 minutes per day, you can change your life forever.  Looking for a place to start? Enjoy this free meditation from Sarah that will get you from tension to space in less than 15 minutes.
Overall Wellbeing: 
  • Connect: Human beings are wired for connection, we thrive on the principles of love: attention, affection, appreciation & acceptance. Consider how can you share some love & connection today. Maybe it's a phone call to an elderly relative, dropping off a snack to a friend, or a video chat with a mate. Use your time on what matters and maybe this challenging time will remind us of what really matters. 
We're sending lots of love to all of you in our community. If there's anything we can do to support you, please reach out at

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