Dear Dancers and Parents,

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We hope that everyone has had a good week. It's week #11 of social distancing and online dance classes. We hope that you have enjoyed the beautiful weather! It looks like it's going to be another great week of sunshine! Many of the dancers have been taking classes outside...one even stopped along a canoe trip to do her class!! We really urge you to try class outside if it is an option in your house. On a deck, in the backyard, in your driveway, or anywhere that is safe for your dancer to move, can open up a new experience and possibly more space to move. Bring a towel or a yoga mat for seated stretching and floor-work.

For the most part, classes have been running very smoothly. If you are having trouble, please send us an email to massmotion@gmail.com Most classes can not open and allow dancers in to the room until the class starts. We often have to wait for the class before it to finish. Please do not panic and be patient. If you get knocked out of class, just re-join. Usually the problem is with your computer or wifi. Please restart your computer and check your service. During the next couple weeks while we are recording, the video needs to process and save - this can also delay the start of the next class because we can not start until the video has processed. We will do our best to start all classes on time.

Also ... please make note that when you experience zoom problems ...you should only email massmotion@gmail.com. Please do not email or text any other MMD staff members ... they cannot answer your questions or solve the zoom problems you are having at that moment ...they must attempt to reach one of the directors, and they can only do so by emailing massmotion@gmail.com.

Re-Opening Information
Now that the state of Massachusetts has begun the priliminary stages of re-opening, we too have started to work on our plan for our studios. We do plan to re-open the studio in stages and will be clear with our families about how this will happen. During our re-opening, we will continue to offer classes on Zoom so that parents and dancers can do what you feel comfortable with on your own timeline. We will continue on Zoom through the summer schedule. If we can move into the studio slowly, we will make an announcement. We do anticipate being able to start with private lessons in the studio over the summer.

Dance Camp
Any July dance camps that were previously scheduled have been CANCELLED. July camp tuition, for students who have already paid, will be refunded or can be applied to summer classes! We are not going to make an announcement about August quite yet. We hope to hold our August Tiny Tots and Children's Camp with very limited spaces available. We do also hope to hold our Intensive Camp at the end of August, but will make a more formal announcement about that in July.

T-Shirt Pick Up
We hope to have the dancers' t-shirts (to wear in their classes for videotaping) by the end of next week. We plan to have a pick-up time at the studios next Sunday 5/31. As soon as the t-shirts are in our hands, we will make an announcement about an exact pick up time. We will have the t-shirts organized by family so that MMD Faculty and Staff will be able to hand them to you without it being necessary for you to get out of your car. An email will be sent with specific information. If you are unable to make the time, we can make other arrangements.

Monday Choreography Make-Up Times
Some of our choreography groups will miss their choreography class due to the Monday, Memorial Day break. We plan to make up these hours as follows:
Boston Intermediates: Friday, May 29th at 3pm with Miss Jen
Sturbridge Senior 2: Miss Lindsey will decided next week if it is necessary to re-schedule :)
Boston Seniors will meet with Miss Shelbia on Tuesday, May 26th from 3 - 4pm

Spring Showcase Information
A showcase of dance
while social and physical distancing
Saturday, June 27th
More Information Soon!

Video Submissions Needed!
Many teachers have requested that you send in a video of your dancer. Any videos of choreography can be emailed to massmotion@gmail.com

All Acro Classes were sent an email:

Acro 1 - Perform a Cartwheel with a big TaDa to finish! (It can be a series of cartwheels, a hop cartwheel, a one handed, whatever they feel most comfortable with!) There must be a clear start.... wave at the camera... and finish standing with a TaDa.   

Acro 2 - Perform 3 skills in a row. Must have a running or walking transition to start their first skill and finish either standing or holding their chin stand and/or headstand. 

Acro 3 and above - Perform 3 Acro skills in a row with transitions and finishes. Must use dance technique to transition from one Acro skill to the next. Also must have clear ending that welcomes another dancer into the dance space.

Intermediate and Senior Modern
Please send a video of yourself performing the dance anywhere you are comfortable, wearing all black.

Sturbridge Intermediate Intensive
Please email Miss Kiana your video!

Boston Intermediate Intensive
Please email Miss Jen your video to missdancejen@gmail.com

Summer Schedule
2020 on ZOOM*
*until we are able to re-open

6-Week Session
July 6th - August 16th


Summer Session Student Tuition (for the entire 6-week Session)
1 Hour = $100
1.5 Hours = $150
Unlimited = $300*   
*Does not include the Wednesday Hip Hop Guest Classes


Wednesdays 5pm-6:30pm Guest Hip Hop Workshop Series
for Intermediate and Senior Intensive
*featuring different guest teachers all summer!
*not included in unlimited tuition. 
$20/class OR
$100 for all 6 - SCHEDULE TBA

Summer Tiny Tots Dance & Storytime SPECIAL ages 2.5 - 5
Monday-Friday 9am-10am  
Mon - Miss Krystin, Tu/Th Miss Alexis, Wed/Fri Miss Heather
Pick One Day = $100
Unlimited = $300


Please make sure that you check the schedule each week. We recommend printing a new one every Monday, or using google drive to access it every day. Most codes and links should stay the same through the end of June, but sometimes...it is necessary for us to make small changes.

The Intensive Program choreography hours are REQUIRED. This time is NOT optional and we should be notified if a student must miss for any reason.

 We will be recording classes the week of June 8th - 13th for the Virtual Showcase. On occasion, through the next few weeks, we will be recording and compiling footage to use. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF THE SHOWCASE VIDEO AND/OR DO NOT WANT YOUR DANCER TO BE RECORDED, PLEASE INFORM US BY EMAIL IMMEDIATELY. You can continue to take classes, and we will edit out out that footage.

THIS WEEK'S PASSWORD: The password for May 18-May 24 will be sent in a separate email. Please remember that the password will change each week.

SCHEDULE: For security reasons, the link to the schedule will be in another email with the password every week. Please check the schedule each week for updated Zoom links, codes and passwords. We do TRY to make the schedule, codes and links consistent each week.

Please have dancers wear a leotard for class. We do prefer for dancers to be in their regular studio dress code whenever possible. Shorts and/or black leggings are okay, but we are finding that the sweatshirts, t-shirts and baggy clothing is distracting and makes it difficult to correct posture and position. Hair should also be up neatly and away from the face. Dress code is not required for any of the classes for EVERYONE or HIP HOP.

CAMERA "ON" REMINDER: Please make sure all dancers have their camera on while in class. This is so that we can make sure the dancers are taking class, the teacher can offer personalized corrections, and so that we can see who is watching. If your camera is not working or you have other issues, please send us an email.

Summer 2020 - Take Us With You To The Beach or Mountains!
We will announce our 6-week summer session and begin enrollment by May 15th. We are aware that many summer camps and programs have made the announcement that they are cancelled or closed. We want you to know that we will be holding an online summer schedule. Dancers can register for individual classes or an open class schedule.

RECITAL 2020 POSTPONED (NOT CANCELLED): We made the decision to postpone our annual spring recital to late November or early December 2020. We are working to reschedule the date with the school auditoriums and will make an announcement once we have a date. We will still be doing TROLLS (Sturbridge) and SUESSICAL (Boston & Medfield). We are all VERY excited about these shows and cannot wait to perform them for you - as soon as it is safe for everyone.

Email Help and Support Regarding Online Classes

If you need help with a class or support with Zoom, please email massmotion@gmail.com .

*Other topics and questions, email your studio location directly.

STURBRIDGE: massmotionsturbridge@gmail.com
BOSTON: massmotionboston@gmail.com
MEDFIELD: massmotionmedfield@gmail.com

Have a great week!

Mass Motion Dance Directors, Faculty and Staff