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IRB Force Sync Feature

Study Tracker and eIRB+ sync nightly. What do you do if you need a new IRB update imported into Study Tracker immediately? You can utilize the "Import" button (found under the Study Properties section of the Settings tab) to manually force sync an immediate update from eIRB+ to Study Tracker.

import button.png

'Favorites' Dashboard

Quickly access studies you are actively working on by marking them as "Favorite" from the "All Studies" tab in your dashboard. By marking a study as a favorite you will be able to quickly access it from the Favorite tab. This is especially helpful for Study Team Members who are listed on numerous IRBs but actively focusing their efforts on specific studies.

Feinberg School of Medicine Policy Spotlight

Ensure Study Team Members List is Current

Study Tracker access is automatically granted once a Study Team Member is added to the Project Contacts List in eIRB+. When Study Team members leave the group or roles change it is important to ensure that the list is updated immediately.

Additionally, the Primary Study Contact & Study Invoice Contact information in Study Tracker must be updated as it is manually entered. Only the PI information and Users tab is automatically imported from eIRB+.

Primary Study Contact.png

NMHC Corner & OOR

EDW Exception Process Update — Coming Soon!

The EDW Exception process will be updated in the very near future, early March, 2022. The exception process update includes:

  • Revised electronic submission form
  • Application status monitoring in Study Tracker
  • Management of study team members for EDW Exception housed in Study Tracker

An email announcement with further details will be sent prior to launch.

EDW Exception History.png

Study Tracker Support Resources

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Wednesday, 03/02/22 @ 1-3 p.m.

Newest Tip Sheet: EDW Exception (coming soon!)

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