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Study identifies characteristics of successful mobile ads  

The June 2014 issue of the American Marketing Association's Journal of Marketing Research reported that mobile ads are best suited to products which are both functional and have "high involvement." The research was authored by Yakov Bart from INSEAD, Andrew Stephen from the University of Pittsburgh, and Miklos Sarvary from Columbia Business School and analyzed data from 54 mobile display ad campaigns and 39,946 U.S. consumers. They reported that mobile display ads can increase brand favorability and purchase intent, but only for products that are more utilitarian and require higher involvement consideration. Mobile ads for more pleasure-driven products (such as movie tickets) or lower involvement products were not found to be effective.  

Pulsar adds FLOW and TEAM social media tools 

Pulsar, the social media division of London research company Cello, has launched FLOW, a platform designed to allow clients to manage all social media channels from one place and to coordinate large social media teams. Pulsar also launched TEAM, a social media analytics tool which is designed to enable clients to track and manage activity on their internal collaboration platforms.  

Privacy study reveals paradoxes   

EMC, a Boston technology company, has issued the EMC Privacy Index, which surveyed 15,000 consumers in 15 countries. The study found that only 27 percent were willing to trade some privacy for greater convenience online but 81 percent expect privacy to erode over the next five years. The results included a number of behavioral paradoxes, such as the "we want it all" paradox, which revealed that people as a whole value the benefit of digital access, but are unwilling to trade privacy for it. The "take no action" paradox was also included, which highlighted that while over half of respondents had experienced a data breach, many had taken no action to protect themselves. 

In other news...
RTi Research, Stamford, Conn., has hired Conor Shorpe as project director.

Dick Cahill has joined Oxfordshire, U.K., Internet firm EngageSciences as its COO.

London research firm Trinity McQueen (formerly Brass Insights) has hired Mike Roderick as research director.

Research company Millward Brown Hong Kong won the "Research Agency of the Year of 2014 - Silver" at the Marketing Magazine's 2014 Awards Night.

Research Panel Asia, Tokyo, has launched an Indonesian panel.

Ipsos MediaCT, a division of Paris research company Ipsos, and The Readership Works, a marketing company in New South Wales, Australia, have added a new engagement metric, designed to indicate a reader's relationship with printed newspapers and magazines, to its emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) readership survey.

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