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Fall 2017

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Patients come in all shapes and sizes, with all manner of personalities, histories and current complaints. Increasingly complaints are overlapping and serious. Chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, complicated and serious health histories playing out in individuals who may also struggle with anxiety, depression and insomnia. And many of our patients are presenting younger and younger and just as unwell.

What we have in the natural medicine world is a fresh perspective, an interest in whole-person medicine and a toolbox filled with approaches beyond the strictly pharmaceutical. Within the world of homeopathy we have at our finger tips effective remedies without side effects and which specifically and by design, enable us to treat the whole person. We continue to utilize tools in our trade to become better at what we do in order to improve our outcomes.

The Map of Hierarchy, as described in the articles below, is one such tool that allows us to understand how patients with more severe, often psychological, cognitive or emotional issues, will need certain kinds of remedies. As they get healthier and more balanced, shifting in a healing direction, they will need other remedies. See what you think of this tool & come study with us to see how it plays out in practice! 
Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful fall ,
Amy Rothenberg ND & Paul Herscu ND, MPH
NESH Alumni SPOTLIGHT, featuring ... 
Kristaps Paddock ND Kristaps Paddock
We are delighted to launch this fun project which highlights the work and other passions of our wonderful NESH Alumni. Our goal is to keep creating and supporting community and to generate ongoing opportunities in and around homeopathy and natural medicine. We want to introduce our alum to more people and organizations, and also offer you a glimpse into their lives and good works. We hope you enjoy!

Kristaps has his medical practice in Baltimore, MD and has been studying with NESH since 2008.

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A remedy is a remedy is a remedy... or is it?  
Two Cases Using The Map of Hierarchy 
by Amy Rothenberg ND
Restored: Intrusive, obsessive thoughts troubled him for 40 years, one remedy relieved him

For the past 40 years, not a day went by that Glen was not troubled by some kind of odd thought. Like, "What happens if I ram my bike into that oncoming jogger!?" Or, "What happens if I spit into my wife's scrambled eggs? Or, "I wonder if I could break my son's arm if I just tried to snap it at the elbow." Or, "I wonder how it feels to blow someone's head out with a gun ... what if I just shot someone?" 
Glen called his issue obsessive-compulsive disorder (because that is what a previous doctor had diagnosed), and it was the reason he was seeking my help. "These intrusive thoughts are getting me down," he told me.

Now mind you, Glen was a perfectly functional guy. He went to work every day as an engineer, had raised two healthy sons, and had been married for decades. He made a good living and enjoyed many of the benefits of his hard work, both in his business and within his family and community. But the thoughts! They were driving him nuts and making it so he had no peace. He felt like he was going crazy. He had been to many doctors over the years, conventional and natural, had tried psychotherapy, a number of pharmaceuticals, supplements, and homeopathic remedies - all to no avail.

Map of Hierarchy
The Map of Hierarchy, was first delineated in Dr. Paul Herscu's book 
Stramonium with an Introduction to Analysis Using Cycles and Segments.  
New England School of Homeopathy Press 1996. 
The Map of Hierarchy and a Case of Autism

After 25 years of practice, I find myself increasingly interested in how to follow a patient over time. Is it enough to see a patient once or a few times? How do we fair as a profession in terms of long term follow up? What about treating children into adulthood? With regard to homeopathy in particular, are there any guideposts that let us know our patient is moving in the right direction? Certain philosophical and practical tools can be helpful. This article, through a pediatric case presentation, describes one such tool, the Map of Hierarchy.

One of the things I have most loved about practice is the long arc of treating a baby or small child and watching them develop over time. In many ways this has mirrored my own evolution as a mother, first of little ones and now of three college-aged kids. It should be that with good naturopathic care and homeopathic prescribing, a person reaches their optimal level of health, that somehow their genetic potential has more of a chance of being realized. We all like the overnight miracles, the patient who makes great strides in a few short months either from a brilliant prescription or more commonly from a joint effort of doctor and patient and the healing power of nature. But with children, things can be both easier and more difficult. Lifestyle changes may or may not be relevant, compliance may or may not be forthcoming and in the case of autistic patients, some of the challenges seem insurmountable. In this patient narrative, I focus on the use of the Map of Hierarchy, as opposed to case analysis or the elucidation of  materia medica, as it has wide application for pediatric cases but also is relevant for all patients.
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