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Good Earth is a locally owned produce and garden center that specializes in providing the freshest and tastiest local fruits, veggies, clean meats, eggs and dairy from local farmers. We also support local bakers, families and artisans by selling amazing breads, jarred goods, dried goods, soaps, candles and oh so much more! Over the years, our faithful customers have repeatedly requested non-local produce that cannot be grown in our area, so we provide these products too. You can get almost anything else on-line or at the big box stores, but get the freshest produce and most beautiful plants right here at Good Earth. Now that fall has set in and the holidays are around the corner, our store will be stocked with seasonal produce such as pie pumpkins, squashes, greens, apples, nuts, citrus and homemade breads, pies and cakes! The greenhouse will boast beautiful Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, including hypoallergenic trees! We also have yards of garland and wreaths of different sizes. Everything you need for the holidays is right here at Good Earth!

Turmeric: Food and Medicine!
Cynthia F Catts,  RD, LD

Turmeric is a gnarly looking root that is well known for it's anti-inflammatory properties.
Regularly eaten as the grated or sliced root, research has indicated that turmeric may lower the risk of inflammatory disorders, including arthritis and joint pain, stimulate appetite, and reduce the symptoms of hepatitis, liver and gallbladder conditions, and jaundice. It may also be useful in addressing headaches, depression, and symptoms of the common cold. Turmeric is regarded as especially helpful for digestive issues like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, even when eaten in modest amounts such as the quantity in a curry dish. Curcumin (the valuable component of turmeric) has a cholesterol-lowering effect, and may be able to help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which can have protective effects in those with coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis. Scrub the root well (no need to peel), and slice or grate with a ginger grater, a microplane or the small side of a cheese grater. Add to soups and salads liberally for a peppery, slightly bitter flavor.Turmeric may be kept at room temperature and will remain stable and useful for up to four years!
The Farmer's Market
We're more like the North Pole than a grocery store

Let's all take a moment and be honest with each other about a subject that is deeply personal- the white elephant at the holiday party- the childhood trauma that keeps coming back every year- the GIFT CARD IN YOUR STOCKING. In a season that is all about connection, family, thoughtfulness, and unrealistic expectations, the Gift Card has weaseled its way into our thoughts and our pockets- but never our hearts. We've been pretending for too long to not feel guilt when we buy one as a last minute gift or disappointment when we see that unholiest of tiny cardboard rectangles underneath the tree each year. Dispel the myth! Away with the plastic! If your niece wants a peppermint mocha frappuccino she can darn well buy it herself, because this year you're doing your shopping at Good Earth.  Our specialty is more than produce and plants- it's all things handmade, niche, and local. So, even if your closest friends and family don't want a stocking full of okra or boxes stuffed with rutabagas, you can still find something for everyone here in our market!  Shop our shelves of curated treats to delight the senses of your loved ones this holiday season. We have hand-poured soap, local honey from all over the CSRA, candied Georgia pecans, loose leaf tea, flavorful sauces, and so much more. Not to mention, we're always adding new, unique products to our shelves, so you never know what you'll find when you stop by! And if you can't bring yourself to entirely part with the plastic, you can always pick up a Good Earth gift card- we'll let it slide this year.
Our Greenhouse
Succulent Central

 Our selection of plants has dwindled temporarily for the season, but if you're looking for succulents, make sure you come inside! You'll find them staying toasty warm inside our market, where we have brought in tons of new succulent and cacti arrangements and combinations planters. These colorful gems make great winter plant companions- happy with low water and low light, they will thrive on your windowsill or brightly lit table through the winter months. For extra jolly succulents, just set them outside on warm, sunny afternoons- even in the winter, we all need a breath of fresh air now and again! Plus, these lovely little planters make the perfect Christmas gift for a teacher, neighbor, coworker, or plant-loving friends and family. In addition to combinations, we also have succulent plugs and singles. Perhaps you already have a combination that you love, but it has a weak plant. Or, maybe you are feeling crafty and creative and want to put something fun together yourself. Our plugs make projects easy, and our planters make gifting even easier.

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