March 20, 2018

Life always teaches lessons. I am part of a group of 15 high school girlfriends, some of whom have been together since kindergarten. We try to get together in a large group at least once a year and in smaller, localized groups a few times a year. About two-thirds live in the Upper Midwest with the rest scattered around the country. One of the group, who lives in California, got a cut on her foot and developed necrotizing fasciitis--a flesh-eating bacteria. She was rushed to a San Jose hospital where she's been since early February. Our group gets daily updates from her significant other (what do you call partners who've been with you for 20+ years? but that's another editiorial). Our first shock came when the gangrene had spread so badly and after many "washings" they were unable to treat it further so it became her life or her foot/leg. The big shock came when they amputated. But no, that wasn't the end. It spread to her hands. She was transferred to a San Francisco hospital for treatment and initially were going to take her fingernails from the gangrene. The outcome: They took all of her fingers and only the left thumb remains. She is still battling in the ICU at San Jose as the infection continues, now into her right foot/leg. Our group has rallied around with daily prayer, although I feel like I'm not doing it right because I'm left with a feeling of emptiness. The lesson: I no longer take for granted the very basic functions like brushing my teeth, putting on my clothes, walking to the post box, petting my kitties. And if I might have a temporary pain somewhere, I suck it up. It's a lesson about living in gratitude.

Lynn LaFroth, editor
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Thursday Mar 22 & 30: Meet your Guides & Angels Part 1 & 2
Part 1 - The Ascended Masters: Learn about your guardian angels and guides, journey to the hall of ascended masters, receive messages helping to guide you into higher realms.
Part 2 - Meeting your Guardian Angels & your Guides: Through shamanic journeying, we will travel to meet your guardian angels and reunite you with your gatekeeper guide. Awakenings Gifts & Guidance for the Soul. Mpls, MN. $25/$30 each class. Call 952-242-7886 or Visit for details.
Mar 23: Spiritual Discussion on Dreams
Dreams are a window to heaven. Each night Soul journeys to the inner planes to gain experience.  We will share ways to remember your dreams. 7:00 -7:45 p.m. Friday, Mar 9 and 23. Join us for one or both discussions. Bring your questions and share if you like. People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome.  Temple of ECK, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Presented by the Minnesota Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR-The Path of Spiritual Freedom.  For more information call Jennifer at 952-368-2863.
2018 Natural Heal Expo
Mar 24-25: The Natural Healing Expo @Courtyard by Marriott in Mankato, MN
A Holistic Conference focused on sharing organic approaches to healing body, mind and spirit. Booth Space available. This 2-day bi-annual event is an emporium of gifts, products and information to support holistic life - including health, ecology, community and a balance of mind, body and spirit. Over 40 exhibitors including health and wellness providers, psychic medium keynote speakers, dozens of workshops, intuitive consultants, energy & light healers, specialty gift products, art, jewelry, spirituality resources, and more.
Beginning Tuesday, Mar 27, Apr 3 & 10: Bring Your True Self into the Foreground
Small Group Life Coaching Support (limit 6). Become conscious of your self sabataging thoughts and actions and move past them FOR GOOD. Guided by Liz Loney, Professional Life Coach. 7-8:45pm. Lakes Therapeutic Suites, 4305 Bryant Ave. So., Minneapolis. Testimonial: "I got a lot by listening to what others heard me say. That reframed things for me in a whole new perspective that I wouldn't have come up with by myself."  Kay S. $50 for 3 Tuesdays;, 612-790-6028.
Golden Light Retreat
Apr 4-7: Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Training Program
Explore the world of shamanism and transform your life! This deep exploration into shamanism meets four times for 4-1/2 intensive days of connecting with spirit. Learn powerful energy healing techniques including soul retrieval, past-life clearing, power animals, dying consciously and much more. Held at beautiful Golden Light Healing Retreat Center near Green Bay, WI. Facilitated by Amy Wilinski who has traveled and trained extensively with the Peruvian medicine people. Register: 920.609.8277,,
Apr 21-22: Fargo Holistic Expo
Fargo Civic Center, Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 10 - 5. Featuring Keynote Speakers: Healer Dr. John Schellenberg , Psychic Medium Jurema Silva, Military Medium Dean McMurray, Intuitive Chanda Parkinson, Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day who is also offering a Monday Workshop.  Come Early! Free 9:00 am speakers: Saturday, Kayla Michaele with Chris Herzog & on Sunday: the Intutive Rev. Kev.   65 exhibitors include intuitive readers, holistic healers, aura photos, stones/crystals and more! 36 free workshops. To exhibit: Tickets:
April/May: Bob Fickes Offerings
Open your Divine Heart to Universal Love as Bob Fickes, Eternal Love Meditation program creator and teacher, presents two exciting opportunities for accelerated spiritual growth in the Twin Cities: the Love Mantra Seminar & Activation:
Apr 28-29, 10am-6pm ($300) at the Marriott Courtyard in Bloomington; and Private Appointments for a reading or channeling Apr 30- May 4 ($175 - call for location and booking). For more information contact Jean Wallis at 612.874.1453, or go to
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EDITOR: Lynn LaFroth