Overview of future Events:

As of December 2018 We now have 32 trained volunteers in Aransas County.

We will be under the jurisdiction of Amos Rehabilitation Keep in Port Aransas to retrieve and transfer the animals to ARK for rehab. 

When Aransas County dispatch receive a call for an injured sea turtle, they can now call our local dispatch directly 361-210-8300 . This is Keep Aransas County Beautiful’ s main number and is monitored 24/7. 

Permit # : TE830177-3 - On File with KACB and the ARK  

The Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery(STSR) will contact us by email for a critical event. We will also have some of our local guides checking water temps as well for our area.

Recommended Cold Weather Gear:
* Layered Clothing - Fleece/Thermals/Synthetic/Wool/neoprene
* Waterproof gear - jackets/waders/gloves/hats/ear & face protection
* Sunglasses & Sunscreen
* Nitrile or latex gloves 
* Extra change of clothing

* LOTS of drinking water & Snacks

* Pole Nets that have rubberized coating
* Boogie Boards
* Yellow Spray Paint
* Tags / Tagging Tap
* Permanent Markers
* Towels
* Banana Boxes or other containers
* Tarp if transporting in open truck to cover from wind

Suggested Free GPS Locator Applications:

Apple- TimeStamp
Android - NoteCam Lite
Please set to read in decimal degrees

Format for Tagging: YYYYMMDD Your Initials & Turtle #
Example: 20181126XXX01

Current Contact Numbers:

In the event you come across a turtle appearing to be cold stunned, please do the following: 

· Report immediately -  KACB 361/210-8300
· Provide the location of the turtle, number of turtles found, and any notes about the turtle (condition, injuries, size, etc.)
· Follow instructions provided or wait for assistance

The Turtles &
Keep Aransas County Beautiful

KACB Turtle Information: Website
Office Number: 361/210-8300