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             Executive Director Scott Wheeler:


Yesterday Obama made a speech that was so dishonest it is out of reach of rational argument. This is what he said about "his" economy:


"So it is indisputable that our economy is stronger today than 

when I took office.  By every economic measure, we are better 

off now than we were when I took office."


The stock market is really the only thing that is better than when he took office. 

But that primarily affects the top one percent, the very people that Obama has railed against throughout his entire time in office--so now he wants to take credit for increasing the wealth of the top one percent? What a staggering contradiction.


The only way to make this economy improve FOR EVERYONE is to take power away from Democrats!  Go here to help us take back the Senate!


Columnist George Will explained just how ridiculous Obama's claim about the economy was last night on Fox News' Special Report with Brett Baier:


"[Obama's economy] has been a boon to the 10% of Americans 

who own 80% of all the directly owned stocks. This is why 95%

of the wealth created in the last six years has gone to the dreaded 

top one percent."


Please do not misunderstand here, we are not preaching class warfare at all--we are merely pointing out Obama's hypocrisy--and it is



We also want to point out something else Obama bragged about in his speech yesterday:


"So right off the bat, as soon as I came into office, we upped our investments in American energy... We've helped put tens of thousands 

of people to work manufacturing wind turbines and installing solar 

panels on homes and businesses." 


That was Obama referring to his "stimulus" bill that at best amounted to socialism, but in reality was a payback to his wealthy friends who helped him get elected


As we originally reported, Obama took taxpayers' money and handed it over to his wealthy friends as a payback for their financial support for his election and called it "Green Job Stimulus". This is banana republic style socialism.


From day one, Obama sent a clear message--if you support me you will get federal subsidies, but if you support my opponent, you might get an audit. We saw this play out over and over again over the past six years.


If you are sick of Democrat Party strongman tactics, 

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Obama actually admitted that this election is a mandate on his policies:


"Now, I am not on the ballot this fall. But make no mistake:  These policies are on the ballot--every single one of them."


Obama has walked right into our strategy of nationalizing the elections and making him and his failures the central theme of this election. 


He may be able to go into a college and lie through his teeth--like he did yesterday about how great his big government solutions have been.  If you know he is lying, go here and help us expose him!!


Even though Democrats are trying to run away from him now--because they are up for reelection--they have spent the last several years voting for his disastrous policies and defending Obama's corruption. 


Now it is time to make them pay! This is what elections are for--to hold officials accountable for their actions.





This election in particular provides us with an opportunity to argue that government cannot solve our individual problems, it can only make them worse. 


Public opinion polls have shown that now a majority of people are very concerned that the federal government has grown too large. This is a great time to win people over to our vision of a limited federal government. 


That is why the theme of our radio and television advertising is Freedom vs. Big GovernmentWe have accentuated that message by pointing out that all of the Democrats' policies give them more power and make us less free to make our own decisions.


It is a clear message and very important that as many people as possible get to hear and see it.


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Scott Wheeler

GOP Trust Executive Director



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This is Why GOP Trust Has Made a Significant Impact


 Our famous Reverend Jeremiah Wright ads exposed Obama's ties to the venomous preacher when others were afraid to attack.


 We were first in and last out during the debt ceiling fight producing and airing multiple TV ads and sending hundreds of thousands of letters to every member of Congress.


 Our national and local TV and radio campaign ads and independent expenditures have elected dozens of true conservative leaders at the state and federal levels.


 Our cutting edge documentary Breaking Point that aired nationwide and in dozens of key states contributed to critical Republican victories in 2010.


 We brought the issue of the Ground Zero Mosque into everyone's living rooms and energized millions with our national TV ad.

  Our explosive book Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About His Czars exposed Obama's long list of radical czars and was the catalyst for public outrage, congressional hearings, and high profile resignations.


 Our investigative team exposed Obama's stimulus money going to fund the Marxist Brecht Forum.

  Our investigative team also exposed the many lies Obama utilized during the healthcare debate.


 By blocking their attempts to pass Obamacare legitimately, our national and local TV and radio ads forced them to use illegitimate tactics, thus exposing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.


  We fight Big Labor!  Our union ad in Wisconsin was one of the most effective television ads EVER seen on TV.

Obama is clearly trying to make this a one party nation, and despite his unpopularity, he will succeed. Obama thinks that he will be remembered fondly because he thinks his side will be in control of writing history.







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