Our Doors are Opening July 27th
We welcome you back beginning July 27th, 2020
Now that we are in Phase 3, Step 1 of the State's reopening plan, Sturgis Library will be opening its doors ... cautiously ... for in-person service beginning Monday, July 27th, 2020 .  We can't wait to see you, and ask that you carefully read the following so that you will know what's different and what's new. In order to successfully reopen we need everyone's cooperation, patience, and kindness.

  • The Library will be open inside for browsing and checking out of materials only. Ancillary services (computers, copier, fax, research room, programs, toys, tours, etc.) will not be available until a later date.
  • Entrance to the building will be through the Lowell Meeting Room door to the left of the main entrance. The main entrance doors will be for exiting and deliveries only.
  • The building will be open from 10 AM to 3 PM Monday through Saturday.
  • For those who prefer not to come inside, we will still be offering curbside pickup from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • All visitors, for both in-person service and curbside pickup, MUST wear a mask. No mask, no service, no exceptions. Once inside the building, please observe social distancing guidelines.
  • Visitors will be limited to 25 at a time, and each visitor may stay for up to 30 minutes.
  • Visitors can browse for materials, request that staff reserve materials for them, and check out materials at the desk.
  • This phase will be "grab and go," rather than "sit and stay."
  • The indoor Book Shop will be closed, but we will continue to offer our Fresh Air Book Sale each day, 10-3:30ish, weather permitting.
  • If you need research or reference assistance you may email Corey at sturgisreference@comcast.net or call us at 508-362-6636.
  • Other questions can be sent to Library Director Lucy Loomis at sturgislibrary@comcast.net or call her at 508-362-8448.

Soon accepting book donations
Many you have asked when we will be accepting donations of books and other library materials. The answer is ... soon!

Starting August 3rd you may call us to make an appointment to bring donations to the Library. We ask that you:
  • Call in advance at 508-362-6636
  • Limit donations to no more than 4 boxes at a time
  • Only donate items that are in good condition.
  • Please do not donate outdated items like investing books, computer books, textbooks, medical books and other topics that quickly become obsolete.
  • No encyclopedias or multi-volume sets like Time-Life books.
  • Books should be clean and free of mildew.
  • We also accept movies on DVD, puzzles, games, and music CDs.
  • Please do not leave book donations outside of the library building. Also, please do not place them in the book drop.
But I returned that book!!!
When you return your books to the Library, you may still see them on your patron record in CLAMS for several days. This is because we quarantine all items for 72 hours before putting them on the shelf or back in circulation. During the quarantine period you will not accrue fines.

The same is true for materials delivered through the inter-library delivery system, so you may see items in-transit for longer than usual.

Please bear with us as we strive to keep you and our staff safe.
And speaking of fines...

Do you still have library materials you're waiting to return? Please return all library materials as soon as possible to avoid accruing overdue fines. Overdue fines will start to accrue in the next week, and we don't want to charge you for overdue items if we can help it.

Are you having trouble getting your library materials back to to Library? Please let us know ASAP by calling us at 508-362-6636 or emailing sturgiscirc@comcast.net.
Sturgis Library Adult Summer Reading Challenge
Bird's the Word at Sturgis Library! 

Hey kids and families! Let's spot some feathered friends! Use those birdwatching skills and try to complete Sturgis Library's Bird Checklist! You can pick up a Bird Checklist outside the library or you can make your own checklist using the same birds we have listed on ours.

When you've spotted all the birds on the checklist, you can mail, email, or drop off your checklist to us and we'll send you a Birdwatcher Badge! Be sure to include your name and mailing address somewhere on your checklist so we know who and where to send the badge to!

Completed checklists can be emailed to Christy at:

or mailed to:
Christy Munier
Sturgis Library
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA

or dropped off at the library!

Happy birdwatching!
Race in America: TwoTalks with Gene Dattel
co-hosted by Saint Mary's Church
Mark your calendars for two upcoming talks that St. Mary’s and Sturgis Library are co-hosting. The talks will be offered by Gene Dattel. “Mr. Dattel, a cultural and economic historian, grew up in the majority-black cotton country of the Mississippi Delta. He was educated at Yale University and Vanderbilt University Law School. He then embarked on a twenty-year career in global finance as a managing director at Salomon Brothers and Morgan Stanley, spending a majority of his career overseas in London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.” Mr. Dattel will offer Zoom presentations on two consecutive weeks in August that cover the topics of two books he has written: Cotton and Race in the Making of America: The Human Cost of Economic Power and Reckoning with Race: America’s Failure.

To view Zoom talk on Cotton and Race, go to

To view talk on Reckoning With Race, go to
Adult Story Time With...
On week nights at 7PM, July-October, join us for a digital story time for adults. Award winning authors from many different genres will be reading a complete story or self-contained chapter of their novel through ZOOM. A Q&A and digital book sale will follow. Registration is required.

Email sturgisreference@comcast.net to sign up.

Mail for Lady Puddles

Lady Puddles, our beautiful beta fish, LOVES getting letters and illustrations from Library visitors! Write her a letter, draw her a picture, or do both!

Show Lady Puddles your creation then slip it in her mailbox located in the children's room!

Letters and illustrations for Lady Puddles can be....
  • brought into the library
  • emailed to Christy at sturgiskids@comcast.net
  • mailed to
Sturgis Library
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA

All mail for Lady Puddles will be put in her special scrapbook!
The Happy Alphabet Project

H is for Happy! Pick a letter from the alphabet and finish the sentence
__ is for ...

and tell us what makes YOU happy! But don't just tell us what makes you happy-- SHOW us with an illustration, too! 

To spread happiness, all Happy Alphabet creations will be displayed in the Library for all to see! 

Happy Alphabet creations can be....
  • brought into the library
  • emailed to Christy at sturgiskids@comcast.net
  • mailed to
Sturgis Library
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA

Nature Tidbits
May through July

Let’s learn about the plants, creatures, and nature that surrounds us on Cape Cod! Check out Sturgis Library’s Facebook or Instagram page for one-minute Nature Tidbit videos for kiddos
Storywalks at Sturgis Library
Every Wednesday
Follow the trail on the library's front lawn and enjoy a story in the great outdoors! At the end of the Storywalk, grab a to-go activity for kiddos to do when they’re back home! To-go activities are only available on Wednesdays from 10:00am-2:00pm but the story remains up all week! Every Wednesday at 10:00am, a new story will be posted!

Geared to toddler-preK age, but all are welcome! Older siblings can always practice reading aloud to their younger siblings!

Stakes will be placed over six feet apart and we ask that storywalkers be mindful of social distancing regulations while walking the Storywalk trail.
YMCA Summer Food Program at Sturgis Library
Wednesdays 11:30-12:30 starting June 24th

Kiddos 18 years old and younger can swing by Sturgis Library every Wednesday starting June 24th for a free grab-and-go lunch! YMCA is proud to be serving the children in the Cape Cod community for over 12 years in a row!
Not Your Average Summer Reading Program
June 22, 2020 – August 24, 2020

The world is a bit different these days but that’s no reason to put a freeze on Summer reading!

Sign up and track your reading as the sweet summer days pass by!

Kiddos who wish to participate can read The Scoop below for more details!

Contact Christy at sturgiskids@comcast.net if you have any questions!
We Need Tiny Books for Sturgis Library's Tiny Bookcase
The British Library is calling on children to write their own small books (about the size of a postage stamp), and Sturgis Library likes the idea so much, we want to do it, too! We invite children and adults to help us stock our tiny bookcase!

We can't wait to see the tiny books you create! It can be whatever you like-- a bedtime story, a factual book, a comic-style graphic novel, a recipe book, a sketchbook, or any other type of book!

We understand if you fall in love with your tiny book and want to keep it but if you’re able to part with your creation, we would LOVE to place your tiny book in our tiny bookcase at the library. You can bring your tiny book into the library or you can mail your tiny book:

Sturgis Library
Attention: Tiny Bookshelf
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA

In addition to being displayed on our tiny bookcase, your tiny book could be featured on the library's social media pages!
There is no deadline for tiny book creation donations!
Please donate today
Sturgis Library has had to cancel three of our annual fundraising events due to the COVID-19 closure -- our spring Library Gathering, our Jewelry Sale, and our annual Plant and Garden Sale. We are unsure if we will have to cancel our fall fundraising events as well. In addition to the cancellations, we have lost the revenue from our Book Shop, which represents a substantial loss of income for us.

Sturgis Library is an independent nonprofit organization, not a Town department. We received only 40% of our funding from the Town of Barnstable in FY2020, and we have learned that our Town funding will be reduced in FY2021.

If you've never donated to the Library before, please consider making a donation now. And if you have donated already, please consider an additional donation to ensure that we can continue to provide quality service to he community.

Thank you so much.
Sturgis Library
3090 Main Street P.O. Box 606
Barnstable, MA 02630