Style Secrets!
Online Workshop Saturday April 11th

Hey guys, 

We had so much fun in our 7-day challenge that many of you reached out to me asking for more.  So this upcoming Saturday I will be teaching one of my most popular classes: Style Secrets. 

Join me to learn tips and tricks for your wardrobe. This online workshop covers information on Color, Style and Fit for all body types.  Whether you are a career woman climbing the corporate ladder, a stay at home mom, or a woman who just wants to have more fun with her style, this workshop is for you.  Every woman wants to feel and look confident when they enter a room whether it's in person or online. Learning how to dress for success is appropriate for all stages of life.  
In this workshop you will learn:
  • Easy ways to improve your image so you will instantly make a great first impression   
  • YOU are your own brand.  Is your personal style and image matching the brand you want to show the world?
  • How to select clothing that complements your body shape
  • An introduction to color and how it plays an important part of creating your perfect image
  • Why undergarments are SO important
  • All about accessorizing 
  • Plus, bring an item you have a question about and Carrie will help you figure out why you are struggling with this piece of clothing or accessory item.  
When: Saturday April 11th at 11:00 am PST
Where:  Online Zoom Class (register for Zoom link)
Cost:  $29.00

In the meantime, I know many of us are dreaming of the days we can start going out with friends, out to dinner or even to events we love.  So I wrote this article about some of my favorite trends for spring 2020 to keep you inspired.  

Be Prepared To Have Fun with 
Spring Fashion
As winter is starting to fade away and spring is rolling in, we're ready to see our favorite flowers bursting with blooms. Warmer weather invites us to spend more time outdoors even if it's in our own backyard, and not at the beach.
Can you feel the fun in the air? To go along with that joyous mood, I have some fashion ideas to entice you to soak up what this season has to offer.
1. Wear dots. Nothing announces spring like polka dots. Stick to the classic black and white polka dots or look into other color mixes: Black and yellow, Biscay green and pink, or orange and tan. The larger-scaled polka dot is more dramatic, while the small-scaled polka dots can be more sophisticated. Play with the scale of your dots this season.  Honestly even mixing two sizes can be fun!

2. Capri pants. You may want some professional style advice to get the right proportions for a great pair of capri pants. For some, knees aren't always a favorite part of the body to show. The capri pant covers them while being near enough to the knee to show off your shapely calves. It's a win-win. Capris can be quite fun in funky patterns, or you can choose a pair in a bright solid color.
3. Monochrome dressing. Wearing one color or shades of one color from head-to-toe isn't a new concept. What feels fresh and new about wearing a monochromatic outfit is the amazing spring colors you can choose to wear it in. We're probably all familiar with head-to-toe black, white, gray, or tan. But this look becomes very exciting if you're choosing to wear a color like saffron, orange peel or grape compote. It's simple: pick a color you love and wear all your outfit pieces in shades of that color.
4. Peplum tops. They are back this spring and if you had a choice of wearing a cropped top or a peplum top, chances are you'd go for the peplum. That silhouette of coming in at the waist and then flaring out over the hips is quite flattering. You can wear this shape if you have a waist, and if you don't have a definite waist definition, you can use this shape to fake it. Most peplum tops show a more relaxed silhouette: not too tight at the waist. Pair this top with a pair of jeans, and you're dressed. Talk about easy dressing!
5. Metallics and sequins. You may be someone like me who loves the holidays because you get a chance to shine bright, wearing a metallic jacket, sequined top, metallic flats, and wearing them all together. Well, this season you can wear metallic or sequins on Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and any other day. A metallic dress is beautiful for a special occasion. Bermuda shorts that are sequined are another dressy option designers came up with. Metallic shoes and handbags are often perfect solutions for when you wear colorful prints. I love them because they really go with any outfit.  We're still in a time when dressy and casual pieces are worn together. A metallic or sequined loose jacket can add class to any jean outfit. You can choose a silver, gold, or bronze legging to wear with tunic tops. Have fun playing with this idea.
Are you ready to enjoy the new fashion season? I'd love to help you choose some looks that will make you shine. Whether we work in your closet with what you already have or plan to shop for a few pieces to add to your wardrobe, I'm here to help online now or in person when the shelter in place is lifted. Just give me a call.


Working from home and over Zoom?  Check out this weeks video on how to look great on your next Zoom meeting. 

How to look professional in a Zoom meeting
How to look professional in a Zoom meeting


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