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HSBC Helps CAMBA Clients Prep for Success


Join Us for a Casino Night Out


Project ALY Launches New Bus Ad Campaign


Mobile Salon Visits Women's Shelters


CAMBA Gardens Holds Olympic Games










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CAMBA is a non-profit agency that provides services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their
quality of life.
August 2014

HSBCHSBC Staff Help CAMBA Clients Prep for Success

HSBC employees volunteered their time and expertise this month to help a group of immigrant professionals hone their job-seeking skills.


For an afternoon at HSBC's Midtown office, the company's volunteers took part in mock interviews with clients from CAMBA's iBridge program, which helps highly skilled immigrant professionals gain a foothold in their respective fields here in the U.S.


iBridge is funded by the NYC Economic Development Corporation and provides a range of free services, including classroom instruction, individual coaching and skills assessment, networking and corporate recruitment and placement services. 


At the August 6 event, HSBC volunteers not only played "prospective employer" to their iBridge clients' "job seeker," creating realistic interview scenarios, but the volunteers also offered up job-seeking tips and techniques, and advice on careers in banking and finance.


iBridge clients on-hand included a financial analyst from Kosovo, a graphic designer from Egypt and almost two dozen otheprofessionals looking to rebuild their careers in the U.S.


Tega Okoro holds a law degree from his native Nigeria but now works as a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Brooklyn. He came to then HSBC event looking to improve his interviewing skills but came away with much more.


"I came in expecting a truly academic experience. However, to my surprise, the interviews provided real-life insight on how to penetrate the job market that no internet search engine could provide," said Okoro. "The mock interviews connected me with seasoned professionals who immediately took concrete steps to assist me in securing a gateway job." 


Katya Zaitseva, Director of Partnership Development for iBridge, tells of the impact the event had on all of the iBridge clients there that day.


"Participants walked away with a lot more than resume critique and interview feedback," Zaitseva said. "They received an enormous confidence boost to continue striving towards creating a better future for themselves and their families. Thank you to HSBC for giving them this opportunity."


eventsJoin Us for CAMBA Casino Night Out

On Thursday night, October 30, we'll be at Tribeca Three Sixty� in Lower Manhattan for CAMBA Casino Night Out, our annual casino-themed gala. Our gala brings together a dynamic group of more than 300 leaders in business, politics, development, community, arts and service who are committed to empowering low-income New Yorkers.


This year's honorees are Martin Dunn, Partner, Dunn Development, and Dr. David Cohen, Executive Vice President, Maimonides Medical Center. Join us to honor their exceptional community leadership in the fields of affordable and supportive housing and patient-centered health care.


We're also thrilled to announce this year's Emcee and Special Guest: Craig Melvin (right), MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent.


Tickets and sponsorship information at


ALYProject ALY Launches New Campaign to Foster Acceptance of LGBT Youth

Buses winding through Brooklyn are transporting more than just passengers---they also carry posters aimed at changing the hearts and minds of parents who reject their LGBT children.

Created by CAMBA's Project ALY (Accept LGBT Youth), these posters are part of its 2014 campaign to end parent and family rejection, which too often leads to risky and dangerous behavior.

Funded by the New York City Department of Public Health and Mental Hygiene through Public Health Solutions, this effort is in its second year and includes bus and bus shelter ads, Facebook and Twitter posts and community outreach.

Project ALY encourages receptive parents to attend small-group meetings to discuss their attitudes and concerns. In a novel approach, Project ALY enlists supportive parents of LGBT youth, who share their stories and become role models for others who are not yet as accepting.

"Parents and family members who struggle with acceptance will come to understand the harmful effects that disapproval and rejection can have on LGBT youth," says Lisa Koffler, CAMBA Program Manager for Prevention Services. "This will help break the silence, remove stigma and motivate change throughout the community."

Find more about the campaign and resources for parents, family members and youth at


salonMobile Salon Styles Hair and Lifts Spirits at CAMBA Women's Shelters 

A mobile hair salon recently rolled into the parking lot at CAMBA's Broadway House Women's Shelter, home to 165 women in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


The visit couldn't have come at a better time for resident Shaquana who, thanks to the mobile salon, now looks stylish and ready to start her new job this week as a cook at a major restaurant chain.


The free hairstyling service is part of an art project called Beauty in Transition, designed by Jody Wood and funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council and A Blade of Grass. Since August, the van has been a welcome visitor at shelters for men, women and LGBT youth throughout Brooklyn, including CAMBA's women's shelters.


Stylists washing, cutting and blow-drying hair in the van's miniature salon are all volunteers, and many work in chic New York City shops, like Just Because Hair Therapy and Hair Metal.


"This such a gift to get this done," beamed resident Cheryl, as hairdresser Evita Bansen perfected her dreds. "It's a miracle!"


Wood says her work explores connections, community and "how social stigmas are formed and how we can break them down."


For the women, the experience builds self-esteem, said Carol Rubinstein, CAMBA's Vice President of Single Adult Shelter Services.  "It's true that when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. And this helps the women achieve their ultimate goals---housing, job interviews and self-sufficiency."


"I was pretty skeptical about having a salon over here," said Broadway House resident Djana, who sports a fresh, new hairdo. "Well, I was very surprised. This makes me feel really good."

She added, "Many of us have been down in the dumps. Now we feel lifted up."
By providing beauty services, including a hair wash, cut, color, and style to willing participants, the project aims to "challenge the reductive label of homeless and give dignity back to participants during a challenging transitional period."
olympicsCAMBA Gardens Holds Olympic Games

Residents of CAMBA Gardens, CAMBA Housing Ventures' newest supportive and affordable development, braved 90-degree temperatures on August 27 for the CAMBA Garden Olympics, held in Brooklyn's Wingate Park.

The day's events included a handball tournament, tug-of-war, egg spoon race, frisbee toss, 3-on-3 basketball and much more, all under the blazing midday sun.

Congrats to all the participants!