Styx Syndicate Base - Landmark
What appears to be a happy and progressive "Neville's Organic Market" on the outside is actually the base of operations for Titan City’s nefarious Styx Syndicate!

Neville’s Organic Market (or NOM) is an independent grocery store ripe with all sorts of organic materials. It’s publicly headed by a man named Neville North. In all actuality, it is owned and overseen by Hermes Elias and Mitch Brandy, who each required anonymity during the market’s establishment due to their relationship with the Styx Syndicate.
The loading bay in the back of the store seems connected to Styx Syndicate activities to the discerning eye of any super powered sleuths who are searching the area.
The store serves as a great way to gather information on Titan City’s populace. The ATMs were subtly programmed by Crypto to gather information on credit cards and the store has plenty of cameras to keep watch on specific people of interest. The store’s very visual outside appearance draws a lot of curious shoppers inside.