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Welcome to our latest newsletter.   Summer has arrived and Asian Pear Harvest season is just two and a half months away!   We can't wait to bite into our first fresh pear of the season!  Can you?  
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June 2014



Anniversary Toast.

Sparkling_Pear_WineThere is lots to celebrate this year. Kicking off with a grand toast to five years of wine & spirits production is a delightful way to start!
And what better way, than with a sneak-peek tasting of our NEW Asian Pear Sparkling Wines. This special preview unveiling of the latest additions to our portfolio will take place in Philadelphia on July 22nd at the UNCORKED WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL
Bottles will be available for exclusive  purchase at the on-site festival wine shop.
Because we love Asian Pears as bubblies, we created three interpretations of Asian Pear sparkling wine.  Yes, three!  Each is off-dry and displays completely unique bubble structure.  Visit the events page on our wine website for event details. Visit our wines & spirits page for tasting notes about the new bubblies. Details about where to purchase the bottles after July 22nd will be posted on our site - check back soon!

Creating Perfection.

The orchard team has been actively 'thinning' our fruit over the last several weeks.  By hand, they are evaluating the young fruit of each tree and removing the smaller or less attractive Asian Pears.


The remaining fruit will continue to grow and evolve into the dramatic tasting gourmet Asian Pears we can't wait to enjoy this Fall.   


Curious for a preview of our Asian Pear flavors?  Stop by select Whole Foods stores and other select gourmet & wine shops during the month of July for a sample of our all-natural dried Asian Pears or our Pear Spread.


Visit our events pages for details about where to sample dried Asian Pears and where to sample Asian Pear Spread

Aged & Seasoned.

So that celebrating never ends,  this year also marks the five year anniversary of our most recently planted farm.  In tribute, we will be releasing a NEW gourmet, Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar.  This vinegar will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.   


In 2009, we planted a entire plot of farmland with young Asian Pear trees.  This year marks five years of healthy and vigorous growth as well as exciting additional production of our fresh, gourmet Asian Pears in the Fall. 


This vinegar represents the hard work that went into planting the new farm and preparing these young trees for production.   Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar, which aged in glass tanks for five years, will be available in three flavors: Plain, Rosemary-infused, and Wildberry-infused. Each certain to appeal to your inner-chef!    To read more about our aged vinegar, please visit our website. To be notified of its official release,  please email us.   



Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Asian Pear Spread 


Enjoyed by many at Cherry Grove Farms' summer open-house was a fantastic, gourmet grilled cheese sandwich made with their signature cheese, The Herdsman, and our all-natural Asian Pear Spread.  Cherry Grove Farm, located in Lawrenceville, is a well-followed artisan cheese producer in New Jersey.  


The combination of the flavors of the melted cheese with the complex sweetness of our Asian Pear Spread was truly a culinary leap for grilled cheese sandwiches.  Elevate a simple luncheon or picnic party this summer.  Your kids will also enjoy this new kind of grilled cheese, too! 


Not local to Central New Jersey for a wedge of Herdsman Cheese?  Check your local farmers market, or boutique cheese shop or the cheese department of your favorite gourmet supermarket for a similar style cheese:  try English Cheddar or a young raw milk cheddar instead! The lighter in color, the tastier. 

To order our all-natural Asian Pear Spread, click here.   For free ground shipping, use promo code: summer.  


Click here to download recipe.




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