April 23, 2020
Foundation Responds to Flawed Information Regarding Chiropractic & Immunity

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation responded to the World Federation of Chiropractic's flawed and biased hit piece that was put out during the midst of the Coronvirus Crisis in an effort to silence chiropractors on the role of chiropractic in immunity.

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Foundation put out both an English & Spanish version of our response after international requests for a translation
Within just a few days those chiropractors who deny the vitalistic, salutogenic model of vertebral subluxation had "leaders" within the profession to help them wreak their havoc. The World Federation of Chiropractic's Research Committee under the leadership of Greg Kawchuk DC, PhD - Adjunct Faculty at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and Christine Goertz DC, PhD - Palmer College of Chiropractic Honorary Alumna led the Committee in the development and dissemination of a deeply flawed hit piece falsely claiming that there is no credible, scientific evidence that chiropractic has any clinically relevant effect on the immune system.

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More work ahead . . .
Foundation Research Team Set to Publish Additional Documents on Immunity and Chiropractic
In addition to the immediate response to the WFC's flawed document, the FVS reorganized its research team and began work on a series of major projects related to immunity & chiropractic. Thus far, three documents have been completed and the fourth, which is a research protocol, will be completed shortly.

Those documents & related projects are:

  • Chiropractic, Vertebral Subluxation and Immune Function: A Multi-Pronged Project to Address Fundamental Questions in an Evidence Informed Framework

  • A Scoping Review of Chiropractic, Vertebral Subluxation and Immune Function with Implications for the Development of a Protocol for Measurement of Immune Biomarkers in Chiropractic Research & the Development of Related Policy

  • A Scoping Review of Salivary Tests for Immunoglobulin A, Cortisol and C-Reactive Protein and the Measurement of Immune Biomarkers in Chiropractic Research

  • A Prospective Longitudinal Health Outcomes Study Evaluating Immune Biomarkers and Quality of Life in Subjects Undergoing Management of Vertebral Subluxation - Protocol

We will be releasing the first three of these documents within the coming days and will alert you when they are made public.
The Foundation's Other Projects Continue Uninterrupted
Epidemiology of Subluxation
Dr. Kwon is in the final stages of data analysis on a large epidemiology project looking at the prevalence of vertebral subluxation in 12 chiropractic clinics around the United States for her Masters in Public Health.

The Senzon Papers
The focus of Dr. Senzon's Ph.D dissertation is on correcting the errors in the literature on subluxation made by “subluxation deniers” who have peppered the literature with unsupported statements regarding the nature & historical issues surrounding vertebral subluxation.

Best Practices Initiative
Dr. Stiles is the Project Manager overseeing the FVS's Best Practices Initiative. She oversees a team of students from Sherman College who are Foundation Fellows. Several Chapters have been concluded and are in various stages of peer review. She and her team search and gather literature every month to keep our database up to date.  

Best Practices Initiative
Dr. Rupp is the lead author for all of the Best Practices Chapters and has accomplished a monumental task sorting through the literature and producing drafts for the rest of the team to review. Some of these Chapters include several hundred reference papers that must be incorporated. 

Epidemiology & Spondylolisthesis
Dr. Fedorchuk and his team are working on multiple projects. One is a series of studies on epidemiology and the prevalence of subluxation and another is on reduction of spondylolisthesis in a population of chiropractic patients following publication of an earlier paper.

Epidemiology & Spondylolisthesis
Dr. Lightstone is part of Fedorchuk's research team and is working on multiple projects including the series of studies on epidemiology and the prevalence of subluxation and on reduction of spondylolisthesis in a population of chiropractic patients following publication of an earlier paper.

Salutogenesis & Epidemiology
Dr. Costello is working on two projects under her Fellowship with the Foundation. The research Fellowship focuses on two crucial areas related to vertebral subluxation including: vertebral subluxation epidemiology & the objective assessment of subluxation in a salutogenic model.     

Foundation Student Research Fellows Involved in Immunity Project & Best Practices Initiative
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