Submit Your Legislative Recommendations Today!
Do you have suggestions for new health care policy in the Commonwealth? Are there rules, laws, studies or other fair business practice issues that you would like to see the Medical Society of Virginia address?
If so, RAM invites you to offer resolutions for the consideration of our delegates who will represent Richmond-area physicians at MSV's Virtual Annual Meeting scheduled for SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 10, 2020.  While we don't yet have final details from the Medical Society regarding the format/process for their annual meeting, it is important to RAM that our members have the opportunity to share with us their policy ideas and concerns now.  For this reason, we'd like our members to start working on resolution ideas and submit them to RAM by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5.

Please realize that details may change in the coming weeks but for now, p lease describe the problem, define the issue and propose a possible solution. Submit your work in the form of a resolution where the WHEREAS statements list the reasons/evidence which support the policy/change you are trying to achieve in the RESOLVE.  Please click here for sample resolutions from last year. Submit your work by e-mail to   

These resolutions may end up as proposed legislation for the 2021 Virginia General Assembly or as a part of the MSV legislative package for 2021. 

We thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these incredibly challenging times.  We will be in touch with any new information as soon as we receive it.  
Please consider serving as a delegate to the MSV Annual Meeting. 
If interested, contact Lara Knowles at 622-8137 or