November 2016

Deadline: March 1, 2017
Submit Your Proposals for Public Media Content Fund

Vision Maker Media invites proposals for programs intended for Public Television that represent the experiences, values and cultures of American Indians and Alaska Natives.  Deadline to submit proposals is March 1, 2017.
Support for the Vision Maker Media Public Television Program Fund is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For more information, please download and read the complete guidelines.
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Native American Public Media Internship

Increasing opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native youth in public broadcasting is the goal of Vision Maker Media providing the Public Media Internship to undergraduate or graduate students. 

With major funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), i nterns can be located at Vision Maker Media's offices at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska, or at a Public Television station in the United States. Vision Maker Media will contact Public Television stations that are requested by interns to determine placement options. Deadline to submit your application is March 1, 2017. For assistance: 402-472-3522 or visionmaker@unl.edu     Requirements & Application

VMM Expands Digital Distribution
In Educational Market

Finishing a film is top priority for filmmakers, which can mean that decisions about distribution can be put off, made in haste, or set aside in light of changing trends. Streaming services are expanding the amount of media available to keep up with demand from educators, which creates a unique opportunity for documentary filmmakers. 

In the shifting world of streaming video services, filmmakers want to efficiently and effectively organize the best possible distribution plan for their documentary. And  Vision Maker Media can help filmmakers do just that.

That's why Vision Maker Media is expanding our digital distribution within the education market to help our producers easily navigate this fragmented market.  We can help producers negotiate film rights and find the best way to distribute their films. As media consumption through streaming video services increases both in general and in the academic market, video consumption in education continues to remain in step with that trend.

"The State of Video in Education 2016: A Kaltura Report,"  indicates both students and educators expect to encounter video in every step of the educational process. The survey found that 86 percent of respondents say their organizations actively use video in the classroom. Of that number, 72 percent are using video for student assignments.

The good news for documentary filmmakers is that as consumption increases streaming services are eager to provide access to more films. Trends point toward continued growth for academic streaming, according to the Library Journal, which spotlighted seven companies providing streaming video services designed to provide a simplified experience comparable to the consumer streaming to which consumers have become accustomed.

Kanopy, one of the companies that we are working with, provides students and faculty from 4,000 campuses with access to more than 26,000 films each year. The company is providing Vision Maker Media a majority share of every sale made on titles and is offering a non-exclusive agreement for worldwide streaming rights. Their customers include:

Harvard University Princeton University DePaul University University of Massachusetts
Pennsylvania State University Duke University University of Iowa University of Rhode Island
Johns Hopkins University University of Tennessee California State University Tufts University
Illinois State University Syracuse University Smith College University of Wisconsin
Oklahoma State University Williams College Simmons College University of Washington

Locations, Diversity Panels Strong Motivators 
For Filmmaker  at 2016 New Mexico Film & Media Conference 

By Ramona Emerson,  Reel Indian Pictures

The New Mexico Film & Media Conference has been going strong since New Mexico decided to become a real player in the national film industry. The conference is always a great way to see and meet the players in our local film community--from the New Mexico Film Office and Film Foundation to the local independent film community. There is always something new to learn in every break-out room, and opportunities to connect with people and programs that can help your film locally.

The two most important sessions at the 2016 conference were the Locations and Diversity panels. Since the parameters and requirements for locations in New Mexico are constantly changing, the Locations panel set my mind at ease and introduced me to local location managers and experts within the county, city and state who were informative and willing to help filmmakers obtain timely permits in the right way. I was not surprised by much of what they said, but I was motivated to ensure my permitting is in line (as well as my production insurance). I met the locations person for the surrounding counties and cities, but I was disappointed there was no representation for a tribal entity.

Diversity is always going to be an issue in the film industry. Hosting an excellent panel on diversity in the New Mexico Film Industry was Trish Lopez, a film industry veteran who recently founded  TeeniorsSM, a startup that connects tech-savvy teens with senior citizens through one-on-one coaching. However, there is still a long way to go, as most of the roles offered to actors of color tend to be in the background (for filmmakers as well). But there are strides being made with local actors like Forrest Goodluck, who is doing well on the big screen.

The conference offered key networking opportunities with other filmmakers in New Mexico, and I made connections with the New Mexico Post Alliance. Hopefully, their suggestions will help me complete my color correction and sound mix.
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Producer Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 11
A list of opportunities for filmmakers to help increase
 the diversity  of the media landscape.