August 2018
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Submit an Abstract for the
6th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference!

The South Asia Biosafety Conference is the premier biosafety meeting in the region and provides an essential forum to hear from leading scientists representing regulatory agencies, public sector research institutions, and the private sector. Registrants are encouraged to become a part of this year’s program by submitting an abstract for an oral presentation in certain plenary sessions or for the poster session. All chosen presenters will have a dedicated time slot to share their expertise or accomplishment with a diverse group of attendees.
Protected Production of Fruits and Vegetables for Nutrition Security: Recordings Now Available

Our Scientific Symposium on protected production of fruits and vegetables, co-organized with the Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank, attracted over a hundred viewers from across the globe. The entire lineup of presentations and lively panel discussion can now be watched online.
40th National Nutrient Databank Conference

Dr. Morven McLean, our Executive Director, delivered a presentation about the ILSI Research Foundation's  World Nutrient Databases for Dietary Studies (WNDDS)  at the 40th National Nutrient Databank Conference. Designed with researchers, dietitians, students, government officials, and database managers in mind, WNDDS is a curated clearinghouse for information about food composition databases and tables.
Welcoming New Trustees

The ILSI Research Foundation staff are very pleased to welcome our new Trustees, Dr. Pedro Antonio Arraes Pereira and Dr. Mark Rosegrant. An agronomist by training, Dr. Arraes holds the position of President of Emater Goias, the
Goias State Agency for Research and Extension Service. Dr. Rosegrant is a Research Fellow Emeritus in the Director General’s Office (DGO) of the International Food Policy Research Institute.