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Focus on Employment
Employment growth
Washington County is growing! Compared to 2010, there are now 66,000 more jobs and 58,000 more people here.
Population and employment growth in Washington County
Washington County has added more new jobs than new residents in six of the last seven years.
New jobs per new resident
Statistically, only 1 out of every 31 people in Washington County looking for a job is unable to find one. Recent data shows a 3.2% unemployment rate. Washington County’s unemployment rate has been at or below 5% since January 2015.
Unemployment rate
November 2009 to November 2019, seasonally adjusted Local Area Unemployment Statistics
Washington County continues to lead the state in average earnings at $74,651 per job. In 2018, our residents collectively earned $29.1 billion. This decade, average earnings have risen 13%.
Average earnings per job in Washington County (2018 $)
However, not everyone in the County earns $74,651 per year. This chart shows about how many people are in each earnings category.
Average earnings for Washington County
Average earnings for Oregon
Average earnings for the United States
Average earnings: Total wages and salaries divided by the total number of jobs reported. (2018 $)
Sources: Oregon Department of Employment and U.S. Census data
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