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New Greenhouses At
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We've added additional greenhouses to expand our merchandise and product lines.  

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Marcum's Private
Label Products 

Marcum's Nursery is proud that we provide our customers with our own private label products. These were either created by the Marcums or brought in to sell exclusively under the Marcum name.

These particular products were chosen based on research and their proven results.  
When to Prune? 

The majority of trees and shrubs can safely be pruned during their dormant period between late fall and early spring.

 Pruning after new growth emerges cuts off the new growth hormones limiting the growth and bloom potential for the entire year. Follow
our pruning guidelines and get ready for spring. 
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February Maintenance Guidelines
After years of working in the industry and building a nursery business around Oklahoma's inclement weather, we are suggesting the following maintenance guidelines:

* Annually apply ferti-lome Fruit Tree Fertilizer to fruit and nut trees and apply
Marcum's 18-6-12 Fertilizer to all trees and shrubs.
* Plant your vegetable garden with potatoes, onion, radishes, broccoli, etc., using our Redbud Compost to rejuvenate your soil. For clay soils, use gypsum to loosen soil and add calcium to keep down blossom end rot in your tomatoes.  

*  At the end of the month, start your garden seeds in a controlled environment to ensure readiness by the first week of April. 

Join Our Team This Spring! 

Become part of a family-owned and operated business that strives to be the premier nursery in the state.

Please read our workplace expectations prior to submitting application. Expectations
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Oklahoma City Store

2121 Southwest 119th  

OKC, OK 73170
(405) 691-9100


Goldsby Store
169 N Main Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
(405) 288-2368


Winter Hours:


Oklahoma City Store:

Monday - Saturday 
8:30am - 5:00pm

Closed Sunday

Goldsby Store: 
Monday - Saturday 
8am - 5:00pm
Closed Sunday
March 1
Spring Hours Begin
We Miss Our Gardening Friends!

Beginning March 1, both store locations will open 7 days a week. 

New spring hours will be posted soon on our website.
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Featured Tree
Just as beautiful as our Oklahoma sunsets, the Oklahoma Redbud has graced our city streets and neighborhoods with its vibrant dark pink flowers and glossy green foliage. Choose specimen quality trees at both store locations.
Featured Perennial
This perennial, herbacious groundcover greets us in early spring with its showy lavender-blue flowers. Great for container and as an accent for pathways, this creeping phlox comes in a variety of pinks, blues, and lavender hues. A lovely reminder that spring is finally here!      


Chump's Chatter

Even if a plant is considered drought tolerant, it needs to be mulched and irrigated at least throughout the plant's ____ growing season after it's been transplanted.

Marcum's recommends a _____ watering bag to aid in watering during the summer months. 

If your plant or tree starts to die from the  _____/outside-in with dry crunchy leaves, it's not getting enough water.  


Dahlia's Answer: First growing season, TreeGator bag, top-down 

Dahlia's Dirt!

Marcum's watering guidelines...


As you begin to think about your spring landscaping needs, Marcum's provides our customers with watering guidelines for new and established plants and trees. 


Water newly planted trees at the time of planting, and then adjust all watering according to the tree/plant's needs. Since different trees/plants have different moisture requirements, soil and plant conditions should be used as the primary rule. 


Get more "Dahlia's dirt" on Marcum's Watering Guidelines.


Want the "dirt" on a particular topic? Send your suggestions to

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