Quarterly SUD Provider Forum- Wednesday April 6, 2022, 2 p.m.
This quarterly SUD forum is open to providers and other stakeholders who would like to learn more about issues SUD providers are facing and initiatives designed to increase access to SUD services. Registration for this online Zoom forum is required and most easily be reached by going to the SUD webpage. Suggestions for future agenda topics are encouraged. Please email hcpf_sudbenefits@state.co.us with suggestions.

Webpage Makeover 
The HCPF webpage titled Ensuring a Full Continuum of SUD Benefits is being updated. Some changes have already been made and more are on the way! We have added an interactive SUD Provider Network Map displaying locations of all SUD providers enrolled with Health First Colorado including address, ASAM Levels of Care the facility is licensed to provide, Facility Bed Capacity and the MCEs that the provider is currently contracted with. We are continuing to add more user friendly content and guidance and welcome suggestions about things you would like to see on the webpage. Please email hcpf_sudbenefits@state.co.us with ideas. 

Update to the SUD Provider Manual                               
The SUD provider manual has been updated. This resource is designed to provide an overview of processes SUD providers (facilities and individuals) should be familiar with and links to additional resources for more detailed steps and most current versions of forms and tools. 

Review: Residential and Inpatient Authorization processes and timelines  
A guidance document has been posted on the webpage providing a review of how authorization processes for residential and inpatient treatment, including a review of facility bed days, are counted, and examples of making a determination for when continued or concurrent authorization should be sought. The following link will take you to the guidance document Residential and Inpatient Authorization.