July 27, 2020
This newsletter provides implementation updates from the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) on House Bill (HB) 18-1136 and is distributed periodically during the benefit development process.
Information for Providers
Contact Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs) and Managed Services Organizations (MSOs): Contracting and Credentialing
If you are a provider planning to bill Medicaid for residential services in January, now is the time to reach out to the RAEs that you intend to work with to bill these services. To bill for services, you will send claims for treatment services through the RAEs and claims for Room and Board through the Managed Service Organizations (MSOs). Please reach out to MSOs to make arrangements for billing as well.

Coming Soon: Additional Provider Resources and Training 
Programs staff are developing a Provider Manual and Coding Manual pages for the new substance use disorder (SUD) treatment benefit. Also, provider-specific training opportunities will be offered in the fall on topics including enrollment for new and existing treatment providers under new specialty provider types, submission of claims and billing procedures. Please visit the Ensuring a Full Continuum of SUD Benefits webpage for announcements on those communications.

ASAM Training: Register now for components #2 and #3
Registration is ongoing for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria training for providers. If you have successfully completed the first component of the ASAM training, please register to complete the second and third components. Contact Heather Dolan at Signal Behavioral Health Network for additional information. Many thanks to the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) and Signal for collaborating with the Department to make this training available.
Approval of Federal Authorities
The Department and Capacity Expansion Plan Work Group is concluding its analysis of SUD treatment provider capacity across the state. In addition, plans for expanding capacity where needed are in development. This plan will highlight how available resources can be utilized to support and incentivize expansion where needed. While expansion of the provider network will be necessary to meet the expected demand for SUD services, the workgroup acknowledges that the current COVID-19 crisis presents a number of challenges to that process. The Department continues to assess the changing landscape for treatment providers.
RAEs, MSOs and OBH collaboration on UM policy and readiness assessment
The Department continues to collaborate with the RAEs, MSOs and the OBH to implement the SUD residential and inpatient treatment benefit. Department staff are developing policies and guidance around utilization management and supporting RAEs in their preparations to implement the new SUD treatment benefit for Health First Colorado members in their RAE regions.
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