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Today my Office released a substantiated investigation report concerning Oakland Promise. Following whistleblower allegations and questions from City Council, regarding the allocation of City funds and City facilities to Oakland Promise, our investigation found:
  • the Mayor’s Office directed the City Administration to provide work space to Oakland Promise without following Municipal Code requirements;
  • some aspects of the City’s involvement with Oakland Promise were not authorized, lacked transparency, and presented additional risks and costs to the City; and
  • the City’s financial contributions to Oakland Promise – though complex and hard to follow – were neither prohibited nor irregular.

To read the full Investigation report, click here .
In the next three months, my office will release the following audits:
  • Financial Condition of the City: This audit will assess the City’s financial condition using information from the City’s annual financial report. The report will use financial trends over the last six years to assess the City’s short-term and long-term financial condition. The report will also benchmark Oakland with other comparably-sized cities in California.

  • Police Commission and Community Police Review Agency: The Charter amendment that created the Police Commission (Commission) and the Community Police Review Agency (Agency) requires the City Auditor to conduct a performance audit of both the Commission and Agency within two years after the Commission was established. The focus of the audit will be to assess whether the Commission and the Agency have fully implemented the requirements of the Charter and the Municipal Code. The audit will also address whether the Commission has provided effective oversight over the Oakland Police Department and whether the Agency is effectively managing its investigations.

  • Oakland Fire Department - Inspections: This audit will assess whether the Oakland Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau (Bureau) is meeting its inspection requirements for schools, places of assembly, high-rises, apartments, and other occupancy types. The audit will also assess whether the Bureau is taking appropriate actions to ensure that identified violations of the Fire Code are corrected in an appropriate and timely manner.
Ethical Climate Survey
On October 24th, my office sent an Ethical Climate Survey to all City employees. The survey, designed by the Local Government Institute provides employees with the opportunity to rate and comment on the City's current ethical culture. Ultimately, it tells me the degree to which ethical standards influence organizational and individual decision making and helps me identify our ethical blind spots OR reassures me our ethical house is in order. In short, this is our City's ethical report card. The survey closes at the end of November and we will release the results to you and City employees in the New Year after the holidays.

Cannabis Regulatory Commission Appointment
I am honored to appoint TiYanna Long, MPA, and proud Oakland Native, to Oakland's Cannabis Commission . TiYanna is a Business Strategist, Impact Advisor, Real Estate Agent, and Accountability Coach focused on the sustainable development of emerging industries. Armed with experienced in finance, tech, and community development, she dove into impact work full-time in 2016 with Medisi Ventures , the first Social Impact Enterprise reimagining cannabis culture-from policy to profit, to the consumption experience. I know TiYanna's knowledge and experience will greatly contribute to the Commission and the trajectory of our City's Cannabis industry.

To learn more about the Cannabis Commission, please click here .
Invite the Auditor!
Invite the City Auditor to your Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) or community group meeting. We will share what we do and discuss the importance of the City Auditor’s Whistleblower Hotline , as well as hear your concerns, answer your questions, and find out what areas of local government you would like audited.

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