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Donna Bundy

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Bonnie Rogers

Monthly Luncheon
 May 18, 2011
11:00 a.m.


SPEAKER: FL House of Representatives,
 District 37 -
Scott Plakon


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Photo of the Month


    Photo Of The Month - EB Little One 

"Even I Can Balance The Budget"

Taken during one of the Suburban Board Meetings, Elizabeth Bookspan's little one is cute as a button as he waits for mommy. Are we seeing a future congressman here?

Letter From The President

Greetings Members:


The FFRW's 5th District Presidents recently met, hosted by the Atlantic Federated Republican Women at the LPGA Country Club Conference Center in Daytona Beach. We were joined by FFRW President, Cindy Graves, for a "Getting to Know You" session.  It's our first effort at coordinating efforts for our region and may include some "fun/fund" raising plans as we look forward to the 2012 elections and getting rid of Obama.  I was also pleased to discover that other FFRW clubs are also modernizing their logo and brand.   


As we continue to upgrade our own brand with our shoe logo, we finally gave the SRWCF's newsletter a name:  "The Journal."  With the Journal and Constant Contact our editor, Mayra DeCocq, and 1st Vice President, Kim Carroll, will be able to deliver more news, notices of events, and links to other Republican web sites and simultaneously update our Facebook Page and Twitter Account. I encourage you to post your own photos, videos, announcements or opinion pieces on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you have something you like to see in the newsletter, please forward it for consideration to Mayra DeCocq.

A limited number of tickets for our June 15th (our regular meeting date) Fashion Show and Luncheon may still be available, but don't wait until the luncheon - we usually sell out! Call Gayle Giles at 407-333-8126 to reserve your ticket to pick up at our May 18th luncheon meeting.  You don't want to miss our spectacular models!  


One final note - It is with regret that we learned of RPOF's Chairman Bitner's recent diagnosis of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Our thoughts and prayers must be with him and his family as he continues to lead our party.

Donna Bundy, President

Presidency 5
Presidency 5

Presidency 5 is a celebration of the grassroots Republicans who work tirelessly to keep the Governor's Mansion, the Florida House and Senate, and the Cabinet in Republican hands. It starts with leadership, and it is rooted in tradition.


The deadline for selecting each county's Caucus site and date is May 1. The cacuses are to be held between June 15 and August 15. The deadline to register ONLINE at  is June 10th.

Do You Know Someone Who Served in WWII?

Currently, 600,000 WWII veterans live in Florida. The "Greatest Generation" Tour will not only recognize them for their achievements, but honor and thank them for their heroic sacrifice and service to their country and the great state of Florida.


"The 'Greatest Generation' Tour is such a special opportunity to honor the brave men and women who served during World War II," says Republican Party of Florida Chairman Dave Bitner.


If you know of someone who served during World War II and would like them to be honored, please visit for the online registration form, more dates, or more information. 

Fashion Show 

Sponsorship Opportunties Click Here 


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Book Corner 2

Suburban Book Corner
Stolen History Cover

"Stolen History"
is the kind of book that's impossible to read without stopping to repeat great lines to total strangers. You'll literally have to shake away goose bumps as you turn the pages of Frantz Kebreau's eye opening book.  



"Just finished with Frantz's online seminar. It was sickening to discover how much we are not taught in schools. How much manipulation occurs on the democrat side to ensure we are divided and doomed to fail. And how right education is liberating. Well done. I enjoyed you and the fellow FBF along the journey. Well... worth the small amount and the time to do it. God Bless you as you blaze this road."

- Rick Williams 


A Little More Reading
If you missed the April luncheon, you missed an incredible presentation by Frantz Kebreau regarding America's Stolen History, "What Progressives Don't Want You To Know". Frantz's mission, through his work with the NAACPC (National Association For The Advancement of People of All Colors) is to end identity politics.

Here's an interesting article regarding race and its relationship to our federal spending.

The Racialization of Deficit Cutting

By Robert Weissberg
Race is increasingly infusing the current debate over federal spending and the soaring national debt. This is what lies at the heart of accusing the Tea Party of "racism." Needless to say, this racial element bodes poorly for solving our debt crisis. Read More.  
Suburban Birthday Cupcake

Warm Birthday Wishes To All Our Suburban Ladies!   


Alice Myers                 May 2


Joan Clow                May 8


JoAnn Lucarelli          May 11


Melanie Chase          May 16


Pat Milliot                  May 21


Betty Anderson          May 26


Sandy Taylor              May 30
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