News From Annapolis | March 5, 2020
Delegate Susan Krebs, District 5
Sales Tax Expansion Defeated!!
The Democrats heard you loud and clear- No More Taxes! There was an overwhelming response from small business, real estate agents and a wide range of professional services who strongly objected to the proposed tax expansion HB1628 . This bill would have reduced the Maryland Sales Tax from 6% to 5%, and add a sales tax to many services including:
Tax Preparation, Pet Sitting, Dry Cleaning, Handy Man Services, Realtors, Nail Salons, Lawyer services, Car wash, Personal fitness...and the list goes on and on....

This bill was opposed by a wide range of industries, and in a rare bipartisan effort, the Subcommittee's Democrats and Republicans voted "unfavorable" to defeat the legislation without debate. "Small business can breathe a little relief."

This bill was introduced late in the Session to fund the recommendations from the Kirwan Commission. Check out my last newsletter for a complete recap of the "Blueprint for Maryland's Future" (Education Bill) - the 179-page bill that would cost the Maryland taxpayers an estimated $4 billion per year for up to 10 years!

Highlights from my last newsletter:
  • The Kirwan Commission Education Recommendations,
  • The Tax Rate Reduction and Services Legislation - a $2.6 billion tax hike,
  • The 2002 Legislation/Thornton Commission provided school systems with the resources necessary to provide every child with an adequate and equitable education, yet the results were insignificant and there was NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

Thank you for the phone calls, emails, letters and visits to Annapolis expressing your concern about the proposed tax increases - the largest in Maryland's history. I stand behind Governor Hogan and WILL NOT SUPPORT AN INCREASE IN ANY TAXES!
"Copycat " Gun Bill Withdrawn
Finally positive news for gun owners as HB 1261 Weapon Crimes- Assult Long Guns and Copycat Weapons was withdrawn. The bill would have required lawful gun owners to register certain firearms with the Department of State Police. This included some of the most popular and commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns in existence. Your continued vigilance, calls and emails made a difference in the ongoing fight for our Second Amendment rights.
No More Excuses - No More Delays!
Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference and is re-designating the crime legislation he proposed at the beginning of this session, and calling it emergency legislation . There is a sense of urgency, literally a matter of life and death, to address the violent crime crisis in Baltimore City. We are more than half-way through the session and in that time 104 people have been shot and 39 people have been killed. The bills proposed require stronger penalties, tougher sentences and an increase in judicial transparency and can be signed into law and take effect immediately. I share his frustration that some Democratic committee chairs are not even bringing up the legislation for discussion.

I’m going to keep hammering this, not because I want to disagree or have a fight with them, but because I want to stop people from being killed in the city. We have more people murdered in Baltimore City, we have 600,000 people, than in New York City with 8,600,000 people. We’re the murder capital of America. I mean, it’s crazy.” -Governor Larry Hogan
Record Turnout for District 5
Evening in Annapolis
Thank you for attending the 2020 District 5 evening!
We had a record turn out and it was great to see everyone. We posted photos on my Facebook page. Make sure you follow me on Facebook to get the latest updates from the Annapolis legislative session.
$$ for High School Seniors in Carroll County
" I was a recipient of the Delegate Susan W. Krebs Scholarship in 2019, and it was of great help to me, thank you very much! "
- Makaelan Bond
Delegate Krebs' Scholarship
I f you are a resident of District 5 and are a High School student, you are eligible to apply for the Delegate Susan Krebs' Scholarship. All Carroll County seniors, planning to attend a Maryland college or university, are encouraged to apply.

Deadline is March 27, 2020

Constituent Visits to Annapolis
FFA - Future Farmers of America
McDaniel College Students & President - Dr. Roger Casey
2020 Census - Why Is It Important?
Can we count on you to be counted?
The Census 2020 will begin across the nation on April 1, 2020. The census results are critical to Carroll County, MD as it effects the amount of federal funding that the county receives towards education, road infrastructure, and the quality of life that citizens cherish here in our county. For the first time the Census will be available on-line making it even easier to fill out the 9 questions. Its confidential, safe, and easy. Help make our county count and fill out your census in 2020.
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