September Newsletter


Success Coaches Are Back

Communities Supporting Schools is so excited to be back for the 2021-2022 school year! The past year was certainly a challenge, with most of our staff working remotely for the majority of the school year.  This year we are ready to return to campus where we can be “face to face” with our students to provide support.

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We are also very excited that we are adding two new elementary schools where we will focus on reading this year. Carver Elementary and Brogden Primary were made possible as we received increased funding from a few grants this year. We have hired two outstanding educators, Nancy Lancaster for Brogden Primary and Wendy Hooks for Carver Elementary. Below is a list of all of our Success Coaches for 2021-2022:

Elementary Schools

Brogden Primary – Nancy Lancaster

Carver Elementary – Wendy Hooks

Carver Heights Elementary – Robin DeVeaux, Gale Lewis

Middle Schools

Brogden Middle - Greg Batts

Dillard Middle – Mary Kay James

Grantham Middle – Debbie Brantham

Mount Olive Middle – Terri McKay

High Schools

Goldsboro High School – Anne Millington

Southern Wayne High School – Sharon Patterson

Spring Creek High School – Veda McNair

Communities Supporting Schools continues to receive AND welcome school supplies! We need school supplies throughout the school year. Anyone who is interested in donating schools supplies is welcome to contact the CSS of Wayne office at 919-735-1432 or email Selena Bennett at

Selena Bennett,

Executive Director


Meet Nancy Lancaster

Nancy Lancaster is beginning the Reading Buddy Program as a Success Coach at Brogden Primary School. Nancy received a bachelors degree in education and completed her masters in K-6. She is national board certified, has experience as a literacy coach, and retired from Spring Creek Middle School as a language arts teacher.


Meet Wendy Hooks

Wendy Hooks is beginning the Reading Buddy Program as a Success Coach at Carver Elementary School. Wendy is a retired principal and has over 32 years of service in education working in Sampson and Wayne County, NC. She has a masters degree in elementary education, and a masters degree in school administration. Wendy played an active roll in opening Meadow Lane Elementary and Tommy's Road Elementary.


Many thanks to our newest community partner for donating school supplies today! State Farm agent, Melissa Throm, stopped by today to make a donation. We appreciate Melissa for supporting CSS of Wayne!


We are so thankful for our community members! Cornelia Grundmeier brought over $300 worth of supplies to our office yesterday. Cornelia is such a generous donor!! She shops all year to support out students!


4th Comptroller Squadron at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base filled our trunk with school supplies today. Thank you SJAFB Airmen!

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Robin DeVeuax (left) and Gale Lewis (Right) at Carver Heights Elementary School's open house


Success Coaches helping out at Worrell Contracting!


Community Partner of the Month

Meet our newest community partner, Nutrien Ag Solutions in Princeton, NC. Thank you to Graham Bennett for setting up this partnership and donating to our Stuff the Bus drive! To learn more about Nutrien Ag Solutions, click the link below.

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