My League Story: Adult Medical Day, Melissa B.

Melissa shows off her spooky cool temporary tattoo that she received at October's CLUB1111.

A little over a year ago, Melissa joined the Adult Medical Day Program dealing with anxiety and isolation. Now that she attends programming at The League, Melissa is a talented, social, and independent individual that is learning new skills and setting goals for herself.

"The League helps me be a better person."

Melissa spends her time playing games, making arts and crafts, exercising in The Wellness Center, volunteering with the Day Habilitation Program, and worshipping with her friends. Creative writing and art therapy classes are prompting Melissa's inventiveness. Melissa has also been able to save her money to purchase a ticket to CLUB1111 on the second Saturday of every month where she gets her nails painted, receives temporary tattoos, and dances with her friends from all over Maryland. 

Melissa enjoys reading, watching comedy specials, and helping other people. She and her tabby cat Princess are happy to live very close to The League. The League is proud to support Melissa as she strengthens her relationships and makes healthy decisions.

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