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As you know, I am a details guy. Most people would see they won their election by a 25 point margin, be profoundly grateful, smile broadly, and call it a night.

But when you take that 62-37 victory and drill down, you can gain some interesting perspective. What makes me proudest? My three highest margins of victory came in Wards 5, 7, and 8. We won by 27 points in Ward 5, by 42 points in Ward 7, and by a whopping 50 points in the great Ward 8 (more than tripling my opponent's score).

In countless forums, the key question of this campaign was which candidate was best equipped to speak up for those most at risk during these promising but challenging times in the District. Well, if the result of the District-wide vote doesn't resoundingly answer that question, the ward-by-ward results most certainly do.

"Proven. Progessive. Leadership" was the theme of my campaign. It resonated to such a degree that it later became the theme of both campaigns. I am certain it is the key to our collective future.

I am grateful for these results, but I am also humbled by them. I am heartened to see that I am on the right track, but I also realize that expectations-and  needs-are high.

All I can do is what I have always done: keep the District in my heart, my eye on detail, and the best interests of every single District resident as my sole motivation. 

A campaign victory is not possible without supporters, and I want to thank the hundreds of you who supported this campaign with money, time, or both.  There are 143 precincts which we at least partially covered on election day with volunteers.  We received financial support from almost 1,000 contributors.  In the past month we placed several hundred yard signs.  About 100 volunteers braved the cold and rain in winter to gather over 5,000 petition signatures.  Thank you to everybody.  We couldn't have done it without you.
This was a great Primary Election victory.  But remember, there is still a General Election in November.  We don't anticipate it will take as much of our time, money and energy, but there will still be some expense and work.  Stay tuned.



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Paid for by Mendelson For Chairman. Linda Cropp, Chair. Dan Wedderburn, Treasurer 
A copy of the committee's report is filed with the Office of Campaign Finance