January 12, 2017
Success! ClearWater expands protected area in Scotia Barrens by 18.7 acres
ABOVE: The yellow boundary indicates the newly purchased property. The green boundary outlines SGL-176, also known as the Scotia Barrens.
On Friday, January 6, ClearWater Conservancy finalized the purchase of 18.7 acres of property in Halfmoon Township from the Paul B. Smith Family Trust for the purpose of expanding the protected area of the Scotia Barrens. Conserving land in this area has been identified as a high priority for ClearWater Conservancy since 2005 due to the rare and ecologically significant habitat the land provides for wildlife and for source water protection. ClearWater currently owns an additional 39 acres in the Scotia Barrens which is accessible to the public, known as the Bald Eagle to Barrens Wildlife Corridor, near Stormstown.

The Scotia Barrens is the primary groundwater recharge area for Bellefonte’s Big Spring, which supplies the drinking water to Bellefonte and surrounding communities.  Formally an iron ore mining community in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Scotia Barrens were protected by the Pennsylvania State Game Commission in 1973. Today the region's rare geology and unique environment attracts hunters, hikers, bird-watchers, and bikers throughout the year. The Barrens have been identified as a Biological Diversity Area by the Centre County Natural Heritage Inventory, an Important Bird Area by Pennsylvania Audubon, and one of the first designated Important Mammal Areas by the Pennsylvania Mammal Technical Committee. 

“ClearWater understands that conserving the surrounding acres of the Scotia Barrens’ habitat is a proactive way to protect the region’s unique biological and water resources. The newly acquired property will advance ClearWater Conservancy’s long-term goals for the Scotia Barrens Conservation Project and make it possible for current residents and future generations to enjoy the Barrens’ rarities and resources without diminishing their ecological integrity.” stated Deborah Nardone, Executive Director of ClearWater Conservancy. 

ClearWater would like to thank the many donors and volunteers who continue to make successful land conservation projects such as the Scotia Barrens Conservation Project possible. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!

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