April 14, 2018
Gender as a Credential for Office?

You've seen the ads. Women are embracing their identities and experiences as  women in campaign messaging. Christine Matthews (President, Bellwether Research; Gender Watch Expert Contributor) and Kelly Dittmar (CAWP Scholar; Gender Watch Project Director) discuss the utility of these appeals and how gender is shaping campaign strategy in election 2018.

A Different Measure of Success for Women Running in 2018  
Recent analyses from CAWP demonstrate that while the number of women candidates is up in 2018, they remain the minority of all candidates and predictions of their electoral success in November require caution Gender Watch 2018 expert and CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar argues that, win or lose, women running this year have the power to disrupt norms of both gender and candidacy. 
Expert Analysis

Thinking beyond 'the first' distinction for women of color candidates
Gender Watch expert contributor Christina Bejarano writes that, for women of color candidates, the novelty of their intersecting identities within a political environment that remains dominated by white men will add a distinct dynamic to their campaigns. Check out her post for more on the individual women of color candidates running nationwide this year. 
Cynthia Nixon, Women Celebrities, and Qualifications: The Political Double Standard
Barbara Lee Family Foundation communications director Amanda Hunter argues that the higher standard to which women candidates are held on qualifications might cause voters to have a harder time believing a woman celebrity has the qualifications needed for the job than a male celebrity.
The Results of IL-3 Suggest Cost of the "Character Pedestal" is Still High for Women Candidates
Barbara Lee Family Foundation executive director Nicole Carlsburg details that because the cost of an ethical infractions is higher for a woman candidate, negative attacks on women candidates' values or character may have different effects than if they were made on men.
What Breastfeeding on the Campaign Trail Means for Moms Running in 2018
Barbara Lee Family Foundation communications director Amanda Hunter outlines research on voter perceptions of women candidates' familial roles and responsibilities, giving insights into how they may react to recent advertisements featuring breastfeeding moms.

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