Success in Springfield!
This legislative session was one of the most successful in recent history, and many wins related to higher education. The Illinois General Assembly passed an on-time budget that included an additional $50 million for the Monetary Award Program (MAP), an almost 5 percent increase in funding for colleges and universities, an almost 4 percent increase for adult education and career and technical education, and substantial funding for capital projects for every college and university.

Several Important pieces of non-funding legislation also passed:

  • SJR 41: Creates an advisory council to evaluate and improve developmental education statewide;
  • HB 2691: Ensures undocumented and transgender students can access state financial aid dollars, including MAP, and that community college students don’t run out of MAP money due to developmental education courses; and
  • SJRCA 1: Advances a question to the ballot in November 2020 that allows Illinois to implement a fair income tax, ensuring the wealthy pay their share and, ultimately, helping to fund higher education and other critical programs and services.

In addition to these wins, the Pathways to Careers Network hosted a Legislative Session Round-Up  webinar on July 11th, 2019, that includes additional updates in the policy world.

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You're Never Too Old to Go Back to School
Are you considering furthering your education, but think you’re too old for school? Many would-be students over the age of 40 see age as an obstacle to continuing their education. While age doesn’t eradicate the impact of social pressures and personal fears, quite often, adult students doubt their ability to comfortably interact with much younger peers in a classroom setting, but some have tackled it to prove you’re never too old for school.
Tammy Waters
Back-to-School Age: 47
Degree: Associate of Applied Science Dental Hygiene
Previous Occupation: Hair Stylist
As a 47-year-old freshman with zero college credits, Tammy had a steep road ahead of her when she enrolled at City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X campus for the Dental Hygiene Program. There was a 38-year gap since her last formal schooling, and she had no ACT scores, but she did have decades of life experience from which to draw. 
“Too old for school? Absolutely not! I was anxious about going to school with individuals half my age, but I was also a more dedicated and serious student. I worried for nothing. My younger classmates were gracious and respectful. Many them calledl me mom and I was flattered when they asked me for advice. I was gratified that they accepted me in their lives. I was floored when they asked me to speak at our graduation! It’s never too late to create a life you love. You must be prepared to hear, “How old will you be when you finish?” a number of times. I learned to answer this one, “The same age I’ll be if I don’t finish!”

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Best Practices in Bridge & IET/ICAPS Recruitment
When we get questions from colleges and organizations seeking recruitment strategies for transition programs (e.g., Bridge, ICAPS, IET), we reach out to the experts meaning you. We’re looking for both good ideas and good materials (e.g., brochures, orientation slides, flyers, webpage links, social media posts, etc.) that capture students’ interest in transition programs.

If you have ideas or materials that you’re willing to share, please contact Christina Warden at , or (312) 782-3902 Ext 228.
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