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What's Your Idea of Success?             

I'm sure everyone has been asked at one time or another, "What does success mean to you?" Apparently, most people answer that success equals happiness. But have you ever gone beyond that equation and really figured out what happiness is? That answer is probably very subjective, right?

For me, personally, my idea of success has changed over the years. I remember when my daughter, Sarah, was an infant and back then a successful day was when her stroller obligingly folded up neatly using my right arm while I was holding her in my left. But now, that seems like a piece of cake compared to comforting sick friends or family members which is happening a lot. If I feel that I have been helpful in that kind of situation, then that's success for me.

It's a hard word to show visually (as my photographers let me know). But maybe, hopefully, taking a great photo is one meaning of success to them.

(c ) Jon Love (based in Australia)

(c) Yasu Nakaoka (based in Japan)

(c) Rosanne Olson  (based in Seattle)

(c) Robin Moyer (based in Hong Kong)

(c) Neal Wilson (based in the UK)

(c) Amos Chan (based in New York City)

(c) Bill Gallery (based in New England)

(c) Ron Wu (based in Chicago)

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If you're interested in thinking more about your own personal success, I recommend a book; Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success by Richard Shell. A thought-provoking book and very readable.
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