November 2021
Look at some of these recent successes!
Seth Gets Support from Diesel, a Mobility & Autism Support Service Dog
Seth's first service dog Makana passed away suddenly in August after only being with Seth for 4 1/2 years. He now has a new service dog, Diesel! Diesel is already opening doors for Seth and allowing him to be more confident and more stable physically. Diesel is a Mobility dog as well as an Autism dog, but also helps him with his balance and severe scoliosis. They are already becoming a great team. Thank you to the generous donors that made this match possible!
Aidan and Jack
I have 3 kids who live with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My son Aidan also has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and a host of other diagnosis. Since Age 10 he has been disabled and living with pain 24/7. CRPS is a neuropathic condition that ranks higher on the McGill Pain scale than amputation or child birth when it flares. And yet it has no cure or clear treatment path. Aidan has had some pretty horrific flares, many surgeries, a lot of painful PT and yet has spent the past 7 years determined to walk again. Because he has also had several misdiagnosis and his leg is so sensitive, Jack our service dog has changed his life in more ways than I can truly express. Jack helps Aidan to be less afraid of being bumped when out in public... he helps with the severe PTSD that Aidan has been diagnosed with in medical settings. Jack is with him thru painful therapies, and since my son has been out of school for a long time, Jack is truly his BFF. He has brought so much comfort to my family during some really difficult times. These dogs are angels on earth. This is why I remain so committed to helping Merlins Kids to keep going.... to give more kids this life changing experience of a service dog. Thank you for your support. - Donna S
Special needs student can bring service dog to Saucon Valley High School, Judge Rules
Think Goodness for Merlin's KIDS Fundraiser
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Be assured that 100% of your gift, no matter how small, will make a difference in the life of someone who needs help to live a more independent life. All donations go directly to rescue, care, training and placement of a service dog. Our founder and executive director Janice Wolfe, volunteers her time and donates her resources. She hopes that you also can experience the heartwarming feeling she gets when she sees children and veterans making their way in a world that seems overwhelming to them at times. Help us do more and join us by giving what you can and knowing that this is a gift that will truly make a difference. 

Thank you!