Successful “virtual” season for students at Concord Community Music School... THANK YOU!

The halls have been quiet at the Concord Community Music School, but the homes of our students and faculty have been alive with music! A highlight has been the 7 YouTube student recitals – what a demonstration of dedication (and practicing!!) Our deepest appreciation to our teachers and students for such a successful transition to remote instruction in the last few months – thank you for your enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude. Your music-making and happy faces on screen have been THE bright spot this spring for us.
Happy summer to you and be well,
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Want to add to your repertoire this summer? The Music School is offering 15% off regular tuition rates through August! Inquire now to try any of the following private remote summer lessons at this discounted rate: audio production, voice (multiple styles), oboe, bassoon, clarinet, fiddle, flute, French horn, guitar (multiple styles), mandolin, piano (multiple styles), percussion, saxophone, ukulele, bass, viola, and violin. For details, click here , or drop a note to .

One of the most exciting outcomes from our season of remote learning has been hosting seven virtual recitals – featuring some 200 students overall! It’s been a wonderful way to applaud our students’ musical achievements, experiment with performance technologies, and maintain our musical community even though we can’t be together. We’re planning to continue with these for our many summer students, so keep practicing!
Music School dance therapist Heather Oberheim, R-DMT, has been appearing regularly on Facebook Live so that all kids can benefit from weekly Music & Movement sessions and read-alouds ( click here ) – as well as recording personalized videos for the children in our community partnership programs that are accustomed to weekly visits from “Miss Heather.” Want a tango break?  Check out Heather’s videos on our new YouTube channel , which were created with adults with Parkinson’s in mind.

Our choruses and ensemble members have made the best of an extreme musical challenge. Because sound delay and varying internet speeds make it impossible for singers and players to hear each other in synchrony, these dedicated musicians have sustained their musical friendships with virtual singalongs and magically patched-together performances. We’ll be spending the summer in contact with our colleagues locally and nationally to actively research improved technology for choral singing and instrumental ensembles.

Please visit or call 603-228-1196 for more information on summer and fall programs.
Thank You...
to all who have supported the Music School so generously through the challenges we have all faced this spring. Thanks to you, we are entering our new year with optimism and great appreciation for our musical community. If you would like to join them in launching the new year on a high note, please add your voice to the chorus of believers in the Music School's future by considering a donation . Your confidence and support will make such a difference in these uncertain times. Thank you!!
The Northern Lights Vocal Ensemble yuks it up in a virtual rehearsal.
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