The Vision is quickly becoming reality and the flare has been lit

Coastal's scheduled October Outage came to a successful close. Overall there were more than 40 people involved in the outage.  It stayed well-coordinated and all the outage items were completed on schedule. A few highlights include: 
  • There were multiple companies representing multiple disciplines involved to make the outage a success. 
  • SMC came to the site early on to get preliminary work ready for the outage; they also worked the outage. 
  • Bancroft provided the usual labor  Coastal Resources typically has on site by bringing in additional people for the outage. 
  • NAES prepared the site so the outage could be successful and have the equipment ready to be worked on. 
  • SMC handled safety issues including  as well as the on the ground direction of the labor. 
  • Bluewater's efforts resulted in completing a successful commissioning of the anaerobic digestor (AD).
    • With successful commissioning the AD is ready for admission of biomass. 
  • During the outage over 25 punch list items were cleared and completed including:
    • Making multiple piping modifications to improve the operation of the wet end. 
    • Electrical support to improve the MRF with motor change outs to improve the ability for the MRF to run more reliably. 
AND they are making gas and the flare has been lit. 

2019 October flare
2019 October flare

The MRC wants to thank everyone at Coastal Resources and its construction partners for making the best use of the scheduled outage time at the facility.  We should all be proud  be  involved at Coastal  and I am so proud of being a part of this evolution on for the MRC members MSW and recycling needs. 
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