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How Everything DiSC® Fuels Retail Results

At MOHR Retail we always say, changing your personality may be difficult, but changing your choices is not. Here’s why that’s significant: Being more effective and successful as a retail leader, teammate, or customer-facing associate doesn’t require changing who you are; it does require you to be 100% present and intentional about the choices you make when communicating and interacting with others.

While it’s a lot easier to change your choices than your personality, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some challenges. Today’s workforce is busy — often to the point of being overwhelmed — trying to manage more with fewer resources and less time, amid more urgent and pressing priorities. This is especially the case in retail, and let’s face it: It is hard to be intentional and thoughtful in our communications when deadlines are looming and stress is high. To make better choices, you need both an awareness of how you tend to communicate and some strategies and tools for optimizing your approach in the moment.

One of the best tools we’ve found for helping people understand themselves and intentionally adapt the way they communicate, even under high-pressure and demanding circumstances, is the Everything DiSC® on Catalyst learning platform, powered by the DiSC personality model.

The DiSC model describes four basic personality and behavioral styles: D-Dominance, I-Influence, S-Steadiness, and C-Conscientiousness. We’re all a blend of the four styles, and usually one or two stand out. Those stronger styles will impact the way we communicate, approach problems, make decisions, and all other aspects of work and interpersonal interactions.

No one style is better than another. The key is understanding what your natural tendencies are so you can use those insights to be more intentional in the choices you make and more effective in the way you interact with others.

While your communication style is in your DNA, this isn’t an excuse; it’s an insight. It allows you to see how your natural tendencies serve you in certain situations and can interfere in others — and how you can either lean in or adapt and adjust when it makes sense to do so. In other words, you can make the choice to use communication styles to your advantage rather than letting them become a hinderance to getting the results you desire.

We talk about communication style because, whether we know it or not, it is always influencing our decisions — how much information we share, what types of questions we ask, how patient we are in waiting for responses, and a whole host of other behaviors we use daily. Skillful leaders recognize how their style impacts others and strive to flex to other styles to create more collaboration.

Think of your style as your natural default, your autopilot mode. You don’t have to stay locked on autopilot. You can make better choices by challenging your assumptions and then changing your behaviors. Being aware is the first step to potentially choosing a different communication style approach.

Read on to learn more about the different communication styles, why there’s no “right” or “wrong” style for effective retail leadership, and how you can use Everything DiSC to power retail learning and results.

Mary Beth Garcia, CEO

P.S. We include the Everything DiSC® on Catalyst survey as pre-work before all of our retail training sessions. We then teach and apply these personal and team insights throughout the classroom experience. Click to download more information about this powerful platform, and get in touch to discuss the best solutions and assessments for your company and team needs.

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Building Trust and a Safe Environment in Retail Today


Feb. 29th

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Learn what other retailers are doing to create a culture of safety and trust in their organizations, and pick up best-practice advice and strategies from the experts.

Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, a recording will not be available for distribution after the event, so be sure to make plans to attend the live session!


Building Trust and a Safe Environment in Retail Today


Susan Driscoll, President, Crisis Prevention Institute

Jennifer Kajzer, Sr. Director of Assets Protection Global Supply Chain Logistics, Target

Tim Murfin, Sr. Director, Asset Protection Operations, Southeast Grocers

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