30 June 2019
Graduation Mass 2019
Greetings from Mr. Gault

The seventeenth year of The De La Salle School ended on Friday, 14 June. On Thursday 13, June an enjoyable Field Day was held in spite of the rain. In a true Lasallian spirit, the day was salvaged with fun, games and a variety of events held in the gym. It provided the students with plenty of time to play (without involving video games!) and also afforded the opportunity to share some great pizza. Many of our most recent alumni returned to join in the festivities and some older graduates were around as well.
Friday, 14 June was the day when we had our commissioning prayer service marking each youngsters move up to the next grade. Our Awards Ceremony was held that day as well and we commended the young men who distinguished themselves by superior achievement in each of the subject areas. It is important to recognize the achievement and hard work that our students have put into their studies and it was wonderful to have a group of parents and other family members present at the Awards Ceremony affirming their commitment and dedication to their son's academic excellence.
Final report cards were distributed, summer reading assignments were presented, and the students were dismissed with prayers and wishes for a safe and pleasant summer vacation.

Our 6th Grade "journalists" were Newsday Kidsday's Class of the Week beginning Saturday, 22 June.  Please visit our website and Facebook page to read some of their wonderful articles and reviews on topics such as raising their voices against bullying, what it means to be a De La Salle Gentleman, the benefits of video games and the great burgers on the Nautical Mile!
We wish all our Lasallian family, our friends and benefactors a wonderful and restful summer.

Your brother in Saint LaSalle,
William L. Gault.
"Field" Day 2019

Awards Ceremony 2019

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