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Leadership teams need support and renewal

The spring season is a wonderful time of growth and renewal. This makes it a perfect time of year to help our senior leadership teams also grow and develop! Too often our senior leaders are so busy focusing on running the organization that they do not take time out to focus on their own development. As Human Resource professionals, many of us can help our senior teams to do some much needed spring cleaning to focus on re-aligning goals, renewing engagement and developing their skills!
This issue is all about the growth and renewal of your senior leadership teams. The vast majority of senior leaders will tell you that one thing that keeps them up at night is lack of a leadership pipeline to ensure critical roles have successors. In this edition of our newsletter, we briefly introduce you to one piece of this puzzle called Knowledge Transfer, which is a critical phase of a larger Workforce Planning initiative.  I invite you to read a short description of the delivery of a senior leadership team off-site for the Division of Firefighting Services (DFS). Our recommended vendor in this edition is  Hogan Assessments a highly respected assessment firm specifically focused on leadership style profiles. Our Extended Staff Spotlight focuses on one of our senior contract consultants, Nina Coil, who has made it one of her primary focuses to conduct teambuilding sessions and team off-sites. Lastly, our Tips article focuses on ten tips to renew your senior leadership teams.
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Our approach to Knowledge TransferKnowledgetransfer 

First, what is Knowledge Transfer? 

It is the development of a protocol for documenting essential knowledge and skills required to do the core work for targeted roles identified by a risk assessment. 

It is part of a larger Workforce Analysis made up of: Risk Assessment; Knowledge Transfer Pilot; Impact Analysis; Resource Management Planning; Strategic Forecast Planning.

Read more about the Knowledge Transfer phase.
In This Issue
Our Staff
We are here to serve our clients and support their success. 
Client Spotlight: The Department of Fire Services (DFS)firefighting

We recently coordinated and delivered a Senior Leadership Team off-site for DFS. This half-day session focused on leveraging the Hogan Leadership Assessment suite. The objectives of this session were:
  • Team building for senior team to improve team effectiveness and collaboration.
  • Leadership development activities for senior team that will increase self-awareness of one's own leadership style.
  • Increased understanding of team dynamics to further improve team effectiveness.
The session was designed to help each leader not only understand their own leadership profile but also how to better interact as a team and appreciate and leverage the great diversity on the team. Every member of the DFS Senior Leadership Team actively participated, made astute observations about team strengths and improvement opportunities and had fun!

"The Senior Team leadership session was outstanding, and it gave our Senior Management Team an opportunity to reflect and to have an appreciation for everyone's individual styles. The session empowered everyone to find ways to become a better version of themselves that will ultimately be an asset to the Department of Fire Services." - Maribel Fournier, Deputy State Fire Marshal

Extended Staff Spotlight: Nina Coil, Contract Consultantninacoil

Nina Coil  brings over 25 years' experience in the field of Learning and Development. She has crafted and facilitated professional development programs for a variety of organizations across multiple industries. Nina has both depth and breadth in all aspects of change and transition.  Her expertise ranges from tool-based change planning and implementation processes to the softer yet, in many ways, more challenging psychological transition issues that can doom a critical initiative. She  has designed multiple leadership development modules and programs, from becoming a new leader to leading leaders, and from holding challenging performance conversations to leading an enterprise-wide change intervention. 

Nina has led multiple team-building sessions (for example, at a Cambridge, MA university and a Burlington software firm using a process called LEGO Serious Play). She is also skilled at facilitating senior planning sessions (e.g., with the senior staff of a Cambridge, MA university library and a small business based in Worcester), resulting in aligned strategic planning.
Prior to her work as an independent consultant, Nina spent 10 years as a senior consultant for the global organizational development firm Linkage, Inc., based in Burlington, MA. During the 1990s, Nina worked for Legal Services (the National Consumer Law Institute and Massachusetts Law Reform) and at the Commonwealth Corporation in Charlestown. Nina received her Bachelor of Arts in German/French from  Bennington College in 1978 and also holds numerous professional certifications in management and team assessment techniques.
Reach her at or  781-690-2369.
Recommended Vendor: Hogan Assessmentshogan

  • Leaders in personality-based assessment solutions
  • Experts on talent identification and development
  • A premier provider of leadership and executive solutions
  • An authority on leadership derailment
  • A global presence in 56 countries and via 47 languages
So, why Hogan? They have over 30 years of independent research experience. Their inventories measure a person's reputation - how others will likely describe an individual. Assessments are predictive, with demonstrable bottom-line results, from improved performance to reduced turnover. Also, reports are framed in the context of business and leadership; developed exclusively on adults in the workplace.

Three core Hogan instruments commonly used during Senior Leadership team off-sites:
  • The HPI - Hogan Personality Inventory describes how individuals manage stress, interact with others, approach work tasks, and solve problems.
  • The HDS - Hogan Development Survey describes behaviors that emerge during times of stress, damaging relationships and derailing careers.
  • The MVPI - The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory describes an individual's core values - the goals and interests that determine satisfaction and drive careers.
Hogan can provide your leaders with insight reports that provide information about an individual's strengths, performance risks, and core values. These results are validated for both selection and development applications.  Leadership reports are geared toward emerging, mid-level managers and senior leaders based upon results from the HPI, HDS and MVPI.

Useful Resources
Top 10 Tips for Senior Leadership Team Renewaltipsleadershiprenewal

Every senior leadership team can benefit from some form of renewal as a team, whether focused on aligning goals & priorities; increasing team effectiveness; specific competency development; or techniques for better engaging the people they lead.

Here are our top 10 tips to help renew your senior team:
  1. Team Building: Have your senior team go through a good old fashioned team building exercise designed to help them appreciate the power of a team that works together!
  2. Strategic Alignment Session: This is not meant to be the once-a-year session where goals and budgets are put together. Rather, this type of alignment session can be delivered any time a senior team needs to get re-aligned on their priorities in support of the larger organizational strategy.
  3. 360 Assessment: A well developed and administered 360 assessment can deliver valuable behavioral feedback to not only the individual leaders, but can also produce a team profile. This type of competency-based team profile can highlight your senior team's strengths, development opportunities, and blind spots and can help them determine how to be more effective as a team.
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Professional Development Vendors
  • Real Cool Productions: Full-service video, animation, and mixed media production company in Boston that services global businesses.
  • CommonLook: Rely on CommonLook to achieve compliance with PDF and document accessibility standards through a process called Remediation. 
  • Tara Hall: Independent graphic and web design consultant.
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