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Vol. 7 No. 3
Jan. 23, 2019

Restore DACA's 
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Update on the successful launching of the CMSC's  Campaign to Restore Advance Parole

We are pleased to celebrate the successful launching of the CMSC's Campaign to Restore DACA's Advance Parole in Washington, D.C. last week, with a team of 20 DACA recipients from across the country ! ! !
Through several advocacy activities, we brought about an unprecedented awareness on the importance for the restoration of Advance Parole for DACA recipients, solidified a network of Dreamers and support organizations, and returned energized with an action plan for the rest of the year.
On Tuesday January 15, 2019, the CMSC and Rep. Alan Lowenthal hosted a widely covered and attended informational seminar on Advance Parole at the U.S. Capitol, when we were able to share several heartbreaking human stories and how the denial of Advance Parole has been devastating to Dreamers and their family members.
In addition to the seminar, our delegation secured numerous appointments with congressional immigration staff advisors to solicit support and acquire more signatures for the letter initiated by Reps. Alan Lowenthal and Nanette Barragán, which was sent to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on December 11, 2018, requesting her agreement to restore Advance Parole authorization for Dreamers.
As a result of the groups leadership we were able to secure 25-30 more signatures, and also to initiate a letter from the Senate to be introduced by California senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein.
We also secured local community support through the screenings of the CMSC's Advance Parole documentary by Lidieth Arevalo at Luther Place Memorial Church, and Rocio by Dario Guerrero at the Mexican Cultural Institute, which provided each audience an insight of how grim it can be for Dreamers and DACA recipients' families who are not allowed to leave the country for humanitarian reasons due the suspension of Advance Parole.
Our next step is to call for a congressional hearing on the denial of DACA's Advance Parole and to return to Washington, D.C. this Spring, to once again mobilize and continue to share our human stories on how the USCIS' suspension of Advance Parole impacts upon our lives on a daily basis.
We will continue to seek endorsements from organizations that support DACA and undocumented immigrants, raise funds to make a stronger impact and come together with national leaders to fight for the restoration of Advance Parole.
The California-Mexico Studies Center would like to thank all the individual donors and major sponsors who made the launching of the Campaign to Restore DACA's Advance Parole possible. 

In particular, we want to thank Ron and Phyllis Arias, UnidosUS, San Diego Border Dreamers, the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network, Luther Place Memorial Church, the  All Souls Unitarian Church
, our DC coordinator Sarah Gingold, Rep. Lowenthal's legislative director Chris Gorud, and previous participants of the California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program Maria Gomez, Sandra Nallely Hernandez and Jose Perez who made significant personal donations.
Thank you all for your financial support and blessings ! ! !
-- The CMSC and Advance Parole Campaign Network Team


By: Henry Erlandson ~ Medill on the Hill ~ January 15, 2019

Washington, D.C. (January 15, 2019)  - The Trump administration's rollback of a program that allows undocumented students to leave the U.S. for education or work and return legally has hurt so-called "dreamers," the executive director of the California-Mexico Studies Center told several members of Congress on Tuesday.

Advance parole is a little-known provision in U.S. immigration law that allows people who were brought into the country illegally as children to leave the U.S. for educational, work or humanitarian purposes and return legally. But on Sept. 5, 2017, the Trump administration began denying requests to re-enter the U.S. under advance parole for people who fell under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and had left the country.


Por: EFE ~ 15 de Enero 2019 - El llamado busca que "soñadores" y organizaciones reaviven la presión ante el Gobierno

Un grupo de una veintena de "soñadores" de California y Arizona viajaron hoy a Washington en busca de apoyo a una petición suya al Gobierno del presidente  Donald Trump para que les regresen los permisos de viaje al exterior a los beneficiados de la  Acción Diferida (DACA).

"Queremos educar a los legisladores y al público en general de la importancia de estos permisos de viaje y de cómo, al negarnos esta oportunidad, es una muestra de una agenda de discriminación de este gobierno", dijo Lidieth Arévalo, amparada por DACA.

Los permisos de salida al extranjero y reingreso, conocidos en inglés como "advance parole", le permitían a los beneficiados de DACA salir del país y poder reingresar legalmente.

Arizona DACA recipient, others demand advance parole be restored in Washington

DACA recipients from Arizona, California and Wyoming met with U.S. Representatives to discuss the importance of restoring "advance parole." Advance parole is an application that allows immigrants to travel out the U.S. and return without applying for a visa.  
Video by: Micah Bledsoe | Cronkite News

Citlalli Ortiz, a CSULB DACA Student Lobbies for Reinstatement of Advance Parole

Citlalli Ortiz a DACA recipient shares why Advance Parole should remain available for all DACA recipients. 

Video by: Parker Collins | Spectrum News 1

Please help us continue our work towards restoring Advance Parole for DACA recipients!


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